An exhibition, a Show and Tell and new teaching news . . .

Light shades made from the rings that seal plastic bottle tops


Yes!! I teach and create Experimental Textile surfaces - but I have also been working with plastic on and of since 1975!!

The work in this exhibition was a challenge to me, by me!! It has been a while since I have had the time to experiment with new work and try out new processes. In the end – you just have to make time.

I started working with plastic in 1975 on the degree course Wood, Metal, Ceramics & Plastics. We were trained to be artists craft persons and I have worked in that way ever since. I have never been interested in mass production – only making by hand.

Living on Loop Head I am surrounded by farms and grazing cattle. One of my favourite views from my house is the local herd of cows coming out and going into milking. I am also aware of the brightly coloured sheets of plastic that wrapped around the feed and fertiliser bags on the farms. The colours are fantastic.

Plastic bottle tops have also been fascinating me, little nuggets of fabulous bright colour. The fantastic sea creatures are the beginnings of a new range of work I will be developing. I have been given 10 huge bags of assorted bottle tops. Around 40.000 tops. They should keep me going for a while . . . the tops have to be washed and sorted into colours and sizes so it takes a while.

The work in this exhibition has been created with either a heat press, domestic iron or a heat gun . . sometimes all three!

The poster for the exhibition

Pauline - The pink Lipped Dragon Fish

Wilfred - The Fluffy Headed Whale Fish

Part of the wall of work created with plastic bottle tops

The Mooving Line!

Detail of the cows
Here is a short video of the exhibition. 


On Friday we had the Show and Tell for the live Zoom workshop Raising the Surface for Stitch. The Show and Tell is 2 weeks after the workshop and gives students a chance to develop some new ideas after the workshop. 

The students created some fabulous work. Here are 2 of the samples that were discussed on the show and tell.

A fab sample incorporating Tyvek and organza beads with stitch by Jennifer

A very rich, layered and textured sample by K-J


 Now the exhibition is up in the local Culturlann Sweeney Gallery in Kilkee, I can now concentrate on my new teaching.

The way I will be teaching is going to change. I am going to teach longer courses for a couple of years. (I will still offer live Zoom workshops to private groups and guilds.) I miss guiding students through a progression of techniques and processes to create a finished piece of work at the end of the course. I will be starting with a 10 month version of Experimental Textiles at the end of September. There will be a description of the course, booking details and prices in the next blog post.

The final live Zoom one day workshop this year is on Friday July 29th - Transforming Transfer. 


Transfer print 


'Learn how to use transfer paints (disperse dyes) creatively. Explore the possibilities of transfer paints and crayons, creating fabulous colour combinations on synthetic fabrics and more subtle effects on natural fabric. We will try resists, overprinting, layering and various ways of applying paint and crayons. Build a portfolio of delicious samples on a range of fabrics. Discover the joys of layering techniques to create wonderful surfaces to stitch. Use transfer paints to create beautiful effects then use heat tools to distress and work into your fabrics. This course would be suitable for anyone wishing to develop layered, stitched surfaces. You will have time to create a range of 2 and 3 dimensional samples to develop for the Show and Tell 2 weeks after the workshop.' to book -


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