Design to Stitch - North East Region Embroiderers Guild Summer Course - Wooler - August 20 - 22

 Painting the 'Journey'.

What a fabulous group of ladies. As you may well know, my courses and workshops are not for the faint hearted. I don't usually include anything 'finished' in my workshops which can be daunting when a student wants to know what is going to be produced. Frankly - I don't know! I just that know that 'something' will be created. If the student works through the process, in this case, creating original designs, then printing blocks then printed, layered and stitched fabric (or paper) - new and original work will occur.

More 'Jouneys'.

Teaching a three day workshop is a real treat. We get a chance to spend a day stitching. Something we all need to do more of.

 Working on the 'expanded' exercise.

There were two workshops running for the this Summer Course, a traditional stump work workshop upstairs and me in the more unusual workshop downstairs. The Summer Course was held at The Cheviot Centre in Wooller. It was a great venue to teach in, we were very well looked after by the very friendly and interested staff. It is a lovely venue - do have a look at the website.

Wooler is a gorgeous town in prime walking country - I wish I had more time to explore.

All the 'Journeys' hanging together.

The group worked hard and kept up the pace. Working through the design exercises . . . .

The 'flipping out' exercise.

And then taking sections, isolating designs . . . .

Tracing off the isolated designs.

Which were then transferred into sketchbooks  . . .

Painting in one of the designs.

Then the group made printing blocks from their designs. We used foam core board and self adhesive foam to make the blocks. Then we were off and running . . .  printing all kinds of papers, and then, when the group were more confident with the printing process, printing onto fabric.

Two sets of blocks.

Printing with the blocks.

You will get two printing blocks form one design - the positive and the negative of the design, you can overprint if you wish.


One of the finished prints, the red areas are where the printed fabric has been cut back to reveal the red layer of fabric underneath the cut edges of the fabric are then stitched - using the technique reverse applique.

The same blocks printed onto a map.

Playing with the blocks.

A roller print and the 'positive' block on striped fabric which has a layer of blue spaced dyed muslin underneath. The printed fabric has been cut back in ares to reveal the muslin, the raw edges of the fabric are then stitched.

From these basic prints. . . .

 . . Came this beautifully stitched sample. Black fabric was placed behind the print and then the print was cut back and stitched.

Two lovely pairs of blocks created these prints. Which led to this sample . . . 
A bay wipe used to clean the blocks has been dried and ironed and used as the fabric layer underneath for this piece of reverse applique.

The stitching and layering . . .

Layering up the prints, cutting back and pinned, ready to stitch.

The flipping out exercise  with prints of the block that was created from a section of it.

I just loved this owl design - you can see the 'positive' and 'negative' blocks on the right, and the prints on the left.

A table full of fabulous prints.

Another table of prints.

And then the layered and stitched prints . . . 

The same block layered and stitched in different ways.

A simple design . . 

The baby wipes that were used to clean the blocks . . . 

Created this gorgeous sample.

Another set of blocks.

  . .  and the bay wipes used to clean the blocks . . . 

Layered, cut back and stitched - exquisitely . .

 . . and a close up.

The section taken from the 'Journey' and the blocks showing the design . .

Playing with the blocks - getting used to how much paint you need to make a good print . . .

The first prints.

It was great to meet several 'freinds' that I had made on Facebook - Sheila Craig being one of them. Sheila was great help throughout the three days, helping everything run smoothly.

This image shows the section of the 'Journey' that Sheila used to make her blocks.

 . . and one of her first prints.

As I live on the South Coast, I don't often get invited to teach this far up the country as it costs so much in petrol and most individual Guilds can't afford the costs. So it is always very exciting when the larger Regions are looking for tutors for their spring and summer courses and I get asked to teach. I am very grateful to the committee of the North East Region of the Embroiderers Guild for booking me and giving me the opportunity to teach up here in Northumberland. 

I have had a brilliant time with a fabulous group of ladies. We had a lovely meal out at a local Italian restaurant on Thursday night - twenty three of us!!! It was great fun. Thank you all very much for making me so welcome.

I have been booked to do several Regional Courses next year for both the Embroiderers and Quilters Guilds. They are listed on my diary.
For more information about the Embroiderers Guild and to find a branch near you go to -

x x x

I am now off down the A1 to Derbyshire to stay with my mate Sandra Goddard and her lovely man Greg. I don't get to see them much as we live so far apart. It will be area treat.

Have a great weekend everyone - more next week when I am back in Redditch with my ExTex 3 girls - can't wait to see what they have been up to and to see them all again. 

x x x


  1. Kim I really love seeing what is done in your classes, such inspiring stuff.


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