Whhoo hoo!!! half full. The Jaipur Journey - India. January 8th - 18th 2019.

 My first Colouricious holiday group in September 2016

It's amazing to think it is almost 2 years since I first traveled to Jaipur, India with Colouricious. That holiday booked so fast we had to put another one on in January 2017. They were 2 incredible trips. I love Jaipur city. It is full of vibrant colour, texture and pattern. 
Now I am going back - to teach my design course - based on all the sights and wonders of the things we will see around Jaipur. My first time in India I was just totally blown away - by just about everything . .  The second time I went my ideas started to formulate, this is when I began to think about teaching my Journey exercise there.

My Jaipur Journey.

What a perfect place to be inspired by all you see. 
From the sights and colour and excitement in the streets, to the calm, exquisite beauty of the palaces - and there are many. In fact we will be staying in one - have a look at the link www.alsisarhaveli.com/Haveli/Home
Such luxury - to be quite honest we wouln't really need to leave the hotel for all our inspiration. It is a remarkable building and so beautifully decorated. 
This holiday is now half full, so if you are interested, I  wouldn't leave it too long to book.

If you want a quick look at the holiday details befroe you read further - have look here - colouriciousholidays.com/product/kim-thittichai

As you will see from the itinerary there are planned trips out and daily teaching sessions. We have included a reasonable amount of spare time for those of you who wish to catch up with their drawings and patterns, or wish to explore the city (in groups of 3). It is difficult to pace the holiday to suit everybody. For some it will be their first time to India, for others, they will have been before and know what to expect. I will always be on hand to help where I can.

 Wonderful palaces to explore, with such ornate decoration.

There will be plenty of opportunity to explore the streets in Jaipur - find the amazing markets - it is all so exciting.

 So much to see and enjoy . .

 Colour just hits you in the eye . .

We will be visiting an architectural salvage yard as part of the trip - yes I know it sounds a bit odd - but my goodness, when we get there - you will understand why. Such treasures in shapes and sizes, just aching to be drawn on the spot or to have photos taken to use as inspiration later.

  . .  and if something catches your eye - and it will fit in your suitcase, you can buy it and take it home.

One of my favourite trips when I was there before, was to print fabric in the metallic paint block printing factory.  What fantastic blocks we had to work with and the metallic paint was so - SHINY!!!! It was a real treat. And of course - you take your printed fabric home.

Silver block print - so beautiful.

I will be posting dedicated posts on this holiday regularly - even if you can't go - hopefully you can enjoy the images.
Here is the link to the holiday to find out more

If you have any questions about the trip - do email me 

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