On the Surface - Plus! Bideford - 22nd June

Painted Bondaweb decorated with sparkles and artichoke seeds.

The last day of the 'tour' saw me teaching in Bideford. (well just outside).
I didn't get a chance for a wander about and it looked like a great place to wander - I hope to get back there next year for a bit longer.

The workshop was held in a modern hall with all a tutor could desire, plenty of power, plenty of light and loads of space - a great place for a party . . . 
The workshop was On the Surface- Plus. The 'Plus' was the addition of Tyvek and Spunbond to the days events. It was more of a taster day and I think I tried to do too much with the group but they were very good and kept up.

 The group working hard with the painted Bondaweb and Tyvek drying on the floor.
 Getting to grips with painted Bondaweb and all the sparkles.

 The usual On the Surface workshop concentrates on the wonderful Bondaweb and all you can do with it. Foiling, adding sequins, gilding flake . . . . I took some of my artichoke heart seeds along with me. They give a fabulous star burst effect.

 Painted Bondweb ironed onto black pelmet Vilene light, decorated with transfer foil, blingy bitz and artichoke seeds.
 . . and more decorated painted Bondaweb - 


 Laying up the painted Bondaweb.
 It was good to see that there are some that work like me - in a mess . . .

 Whilst I am supposed to encourage a tidy work area - it rarely happens. 'Nests' soon appear all along the tables.

The group worked with soldering irons and coloured CS500 Vilene Spunbond while the painted Bondaweb was drying. Basically applique - but cut with a soldering iron. Because the CS500 is translucent, it can be layered to create a fabulous shadow effect.


 I had stayed over night with Rachel Dodds who had organised the workshop and met her wonderful Mum - who cooked these wonderful cakes for the group for our tea. So light and fluffy - and sooo tasty!!!


Rachel was a great host and I know we will be meeting again quite soon.


Whilst my trip was obviously very busy - it was not so busy that I couldn't appreciate the wonderful hospitality and care I received. I was very well looked after, all the workshops were very well organised and the students were keen and very good fun. It was certainly worth all the effort - for all of us! I hope to be organising another, longer tour for August 2014 and maybe venturing down as far as St Ives. I will start thinking about it next week.

My thanks to all my hosts and students - I had an absolutely fabulous time.


I am now off to the gym then I will pack my case and car and drive up to Redditch ready to teach my Experimental Textiles course over the weekend.
This weekend is the second session and we will be making printing blocks from the designs the students created on the first weekend last month.
I love this - original designs are where it all starts - Yeehaa!!! 

Have a great weekend.

x x x


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