It helps to read the small print - view my teaching videos indefinitely.

Printed and painted Bondaweb, ironed onto black cotton and decorated with torn skeleton leaves, gilding flake and herringbone stitch.

It always helps to read the small print in a contract!!! I have been continuing to pay the monthly subscription to Ruzuku so that students who are currently on workshops can get their work finished before I stop teaching online on May 27th. Since inquiring about deleting my subscription to Ruzuku, I have discovered that the students currently on workshops, and any that enrol before midnight on Tuesday 26th May, can view the workshops and videos INDEFINITELY. So if you were put off enrolling on a workshop because you thought the workshops wouldn't be available after the end of May, we were both wrong.

So - here are the links again - 30% off as there are no more inspiration books to send out. Only use these links to enrol. The links on the website are full price.
To find out more about the workshops have a look here -

Then come back to the blog and use the links below to enrol for the 30% discount.

The best value workshops are Hot Textiles and The Journey. They are great bundles of workshops.

The Journey – through to making printing blocks.

I created the Journey design exercise as a formula to help my students develop their own designs. It is very important to use your own designs, it’s what makes your work stand out from the rest. 
Usual price £170


Hot Textiles
On the Surface, Manipulating with Heat and Transforming Transfer and another special additional video on working with plastics. The workshop On the Surface, is exclusive to this course. Please look at the individual course pages for more detail on the workshops. 
Usual price £170


Transforming Transfers
Explore the possibilities of transfer paints and crayons, creating startling colours on synthetics and more subtle effects on naturals. We will try resists, overprinting, layering and various ways of applying paint and crayons. Build a portfolio of delicious samples on an amazing array of fabrics.
Usual price £185


Faux Chenille
Creating newspaper faux chenille is a very satisfying process. Layering up old newspapers, maps and books gives a wonderful distressed paint look. Because you need a firm background to stitch onto to stop the work falling apart as you stitch, you can then make fabulous vessels and boxes with your finished work.
This is a short course equivalent to 2-3 hours
Usual price £40


A New Starting Point
Discover and develop the redemptive qualities of old newspapers, maps, music and books.
Create fascinating surfaces on which to print and stitch. Using painted Bondaweb/Vliesofix and all manner of sparkle, we will explore the possibilities of layering textures, ending up with exciting surfaces which can be further embellished with print and stitch. 
Usual price £85


Manipulating with Heat
This workshop is equivalent to what you would achieve on a fast paced  one day workshop with Kim, with a little more added... We will be working with Tyvek, organza, cellophane and food packaging. Learning  simple techniques using heat tools to create wonderful decorative surfaces and 3D objects. 
Usual price £85


So - if you fancy playing along with me - now would be the time to enrol. 
This will be the last chance. 
And you can view the workshops and videos - indefinitely!!

If you have any questions, then email me -

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