Teaching in Ireland 2018

Guinea fowl by Krystyna Pomeroy
The Kilbaha Summer School

I now have all my teaching here in Ireland organised for 2018.  I will still be doing Festival of Quilts and the Knitting and Stitching Shows at Ally Pally and in Dublin and Harrogate. I will also be doing the Fashion and Embroidery show in March at the NEC Birmigham. So I will be about in the UK.

 My house viewed from my field.

Look. Draw. Stitch.
I will be offering 9 weekends of Look. Draw. Stitch. There is a page on my website if you would like all the dates and details - /kimthittichai.com/html/land-_sea_and_sky

 The idea of these weekends is to get back to basics. To look at what I consider to be the basic skills you need to create original work. It is all very simple, but not something we tend to do unless we are pushed - ever so gently!!!!

 The view from my house. It isn't always sunny . . . !
Some of the lichen on the local dry stones walls is so long - it waves at you as you drive by . . .

Ross Bay is 5 minutes drive from my house with wonderful rock formations from the ice age . . .

 . . and of course the shapes and colours that are my latest passion -seaweed.

I have fallen in love with the Loop Head Peninsula - those of you who follow me on Facebook will be highly aware of this!! There is so much to inspire, the dry stone wall, the cliffs, the geology and if you visit in our summer - the flowers in the hedgerows are an absolute joy.
Depending on the time of year you come to Loop Head there will be different plants in flower  - or not. There is always lichen on the walls and rocks. Whatever the weather there are always beautiful shapes and lines to be inspired by, the local grave yard is a favourite haunt of mine.

 The local grave yard with beautiful old stone crosses and derelict church.

The weekends will cover making lines and shapes in your sketch book then making printing blocks of your designs and printing onto fabric and paper. These prints will then be layered and cut back into and separate shapes applied, to create a beautiful surface to stitch - by hand.

Places will be limited to 6 on each weekend, I would like to be able to work with each student individually. We will have fun, listen to music, have lunch prepared for us and generally have a wonderful time together. 
I won't be teaching any of the techniques that are covered by my online workshops on these weekends. www.sonas-studio.com

Wrapped vessels made from the stiff interfacing S133 -
Kim Thittichai

The Kilbaha Summer School with Krystyna Pomeroy and Kim Thittichai
4pm Monday 18th – 9pm Thursday 21st June 2018

£395 including materials but not accommodation

An exciting new summer school on the Loop Head Peninsula.

Work with the artists in their colourful and eclectic homes.

Birds in a Minor Key

Krystyna will encourage you to explore design and form. You will make a 3D multi media piece based on bird life.

There will be an emphasis on developing simplicity of form, adding texture through surface finish and maybe stitch.

Creating 3D forms

With Kim you will explore and develop new surfaces with softer and heavy interfacings to create free form sculptures or vessels. You will draw inspiration for colour and textures from the local landscape. The local rock formations, flora and fauna, lichen, flowers, seaweed . . 

There will be 6 places available on each course.

For more information about The Summer School or to book please email Kim – info@kimthittichai.com

If you are on Facebook - http://bit.ly/2x5aNOH


Hens - in progress - Krystyna Pomeroy

This is an exciting new venture for me - to work with such a brilliant artist as Krystyna is going to be inspiring . . and fun. We have become good friends since I moved here and I love the instinctive way that she works.

We will be having a 'show and tell' at the end of the Summer School at my house. It will be good to see all the work together and have a chat to everyone on the 2 courses and a few invited guests. 

This will be an annual event - with different themes each year.

I am now getting ready for Jayne to arrive. We will be filming the first 2 sessions of the new 6 month online version of Experimental Textiles  - 
if you are interested, have a look here - 

Enrollment for Experimental Textiles starts on November 3rd and the course begins on the weekend of 27/28 January 2018.

It's going to a busy and no doubt hilarious weekend. 

x x x

Hello Jill - I am slowly getting organised.
Hello Diana - have finished moving things around now?
Hello Tod - hope you are pleased with the new hairdo - love you. 



  1. What a beautiful place you live in Kim.

  2. It took a lot of planning - but I got here. It rains a lot here - but then we get a lot rainbows too. x

  3. I can endorse what Kim says, the Loop Head Peninsula is an inspirational place and quite addictive. Special sights and special people. x


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