Six new videos and a wonderful party!

Baby wipe applique.

I have had a busy and fun week. I made nine new videos with Jamie Malden of Colouricious on Thursday. We combined products from
and the printing blocks from

The new videos can be accessed on the left of the blog. They use polyester organza, Decovil 1, Decovil 1 light, S133, transfer foils and baby wipes! 
It is always great fun making videos with Jamie - she relaxes you and we get a lot done.

 Decovil 1 clutch bag decorated with transfer foil and a fossil printing block.

 Decovil 1 decorated with torn newspaper strips, printed with small printing blocks and then defined with machine stitch.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating the projects, particularly the printed polyester applique.

 Printed polyester ironed onto Bondaweb and cut out with a soldering iron.

 Decovil 1 light colour washed with a very dilute solution of acrylic paint and then decorated with torn newspaper. This was then printed and the design high lighted with machine stitch.

I was very pleased to be able to show you how I make my jewellery from S133. I get many emails asking me to explain. Now you can see.

 S133 colour washed with a dilute solution of acrylic paint. 
Decorated with newspaper strips, print and free machine embroidery.

 I also enjoyed printing onto transfer foiled Bondaweb. It gives a fabulous effect.

 Easy peasy . . .  and washable.

 We didn't get to film all the projects I had made. This little die cut heart shaped box cut from S133 was a favourite of mine. I printed newspaper with a leaf block. Then tore the newspaper up and ironed it on to the sticky side of the S133. I then printed over the newspaper with the same leaf block and stitched around the print with machine stitch.

 The other side of the box with a different leaf print.

 So - there are three more videos to come - I will let you know when they are up.


It is twenty five years since Viv started Art Van Go and Kevin joined her very soon after. This fabulous business has supplied and helped us out for many years with kindness, patience and good humour. Even when you need a an urgent next day delivery because you have forgotten something crucial for a workshop.

Tucking into the wonderful food.

The business has grown from one van to several along with a shop bursting with wonderful supplies and a gallery and teaching studio. Everyone that works there is helpful and friendly. 
I am of course biased, over the years Viv and Kevin have become very close friends of mine. Helping out in times both good and  . . maybe not so! I teach there several times a year and of course we all see each other at the shows.

It was fantastic to see how well they are loved by all that they work with and their friends. The weather was warm and sunny - big relief. There was a BBQ ably run by Kevin's brother Gary and his wife Tracey was the hostess with the mostest. Kevin's Mum and Dad arrived early to help and stayed for the party. It was great to see them again. The garden looked beautiful - it has come a long way from the over grown plot that it was.

It was a lovely afternoon and good to see Viv and Kevin so relaxed and happy - they work SO hard.

 Viv with her great friend Gill.

 It was good to see Susan Chapman - we don't get much chance to meet up so it was great to have time for a chat and do diaries.
 The wonderful Gill and Paul, great friends of Viv and Kevin (and Jill) who also provided all the gorgeous salads.

The happy couple - I hope they aren't too tired today.


Are you all having a good Bank Holiday? It's pouring with rain in Brighton.
I hope you are having fun wherever you are.

Hello team - you know who you are. 

x x x x


  1. Sun has been shining here but cloudy now. Going out to do a bit of gardening now. Lovely photo of Gill & Paul and enjoyed the new videos so far. Lists are out beginning of June.... xxx

  2. Cold and wet here - have put the heating on. A girl loves a list - glad you like the vids - they were good fun to make. Not long now honeybee. Love you all. x xx

  3. Enjoyed the videos that Jamie has published so far. Quick, simple and to the point. Well done all involved. Really looking forward to Wooler in August.


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