Making printing blocks, Foredown Tower, 17th - 18th November

 One of Val's beautiful prints on black paper.

 I love teaching at Foredown Tower, the views are amazing and you feel as though you are in the middle of nowhere, not just off the A27. It is very peaceful.
 Just the Downs and the sky.

Making Printing Blocks was a course I really wanted to run, it is important to be able to design your own blocks and print your own fabrics and papers, it is what makes your work different to everyone elses.

There were four intrepid students on the course which meant we had plenty of room to spread out. Because I run these courses myself, I don't need to have a certain number of students booked before I can run them. It is a great luxury and I am able to work more closely with less students - poor students . . . 
 We started off by deciding which designs would work best and taking sections from previously made designs.
These blocks were created from one of Lea's designs showing the 'positive' and 'negative' parts of the design.
 The 'positive' block  . . . 

 The 'positive' and 'negative' blocks.

 Lea's second block.

 Tracey trying out her first block.
 The 'positive' and 'negative' over printed and then procion colour washed to colour the paper - pink in this case. The acrylic paint we used to print with resists the colour wash. It saves buying coloured papers to print onto and you get FAB effects.

 Another of Tracey's designs showing the 'postive' and 'negative' blocks over printed.

 Showing a different colourway.

 The group cracking with printing - they couldn't work fast enough, they kept getting more ideas as they worked.

  These are two of Kim's (yes! another one) designs that have been over printed.


The group tried printing over foiled Bondaweb - Gorgeous! 


Taking photos at the end. Just think, none of these designs (or the printing blocks) existed the day before. It is amazing what can be achieved on a two day workshop - with cake!!!

There was a very beautiful sunset to finish the day off . . . .


The last Foredown Tower workshop this year is Decorated Book covers, December 15th & 16th. There are a couple of places left. If you are interested in coming out to play have a look here. If you can't download the booking form - email me.

There are also still spaces on my other workshops in December.


Right back to writing the book . . . . .


  1. So glad you remembered the cake!


  2. Ha Ha!!! We always have at least one cake . . It helps with concentration I find. x


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