Workshops on Jersey - part the first . . .

A great torn and layered paper sample.

I love teaching on Jersey at The Harbour Gallery. It's a great space, right next to the cafe . . all that fabulous food, and of course, cake. 

My first workshop was at a local girls school, Beaulieu. We had a session with torn newspaper and magazines and Bondaweb. The girls produced some fabulous samples that could then be interfaced and stitched, or made into boxes, jewelry . . .

Here a few of the great samples from Beaulieu school -

Aren't they good? 

That evening I opened the Diversity exhibition at The Harbour Gallery, a very talented group of textile artists were showing their work.

The opening of the exhibition was well attended and there were several sales. There was lovely atmosphere, a great buzz. Whatever exhibition is on, The Harbour Gallery is a great place to wander around with many resident artists along with craft and art supplies.

I was booked to teach 3 one day workshops at the gallery., Friday to Sunday
On Friday 15th I taught a one day version of On the Surface, similar to what I taught at Beaulieu on the Tuesday before.

Painting up the Bondaweb.

As with the workshop at Beaulieu school, we used magazines and newspaper, but added old maps and used transfer foils for extra decoration.

Some great samples of my 'backgrounds and prettys' technique.

We had enough time on the day to have a go at newspaper faux chenille. I do so love this technique. A great way to use up old newspapers.

 Just 3 of the fab faux chenille samples.

On the Saturday it was On the Surface, my painted Bondaweb workshop. I was asked to add a short session on Tyvek with this workshop and here are a few samples of what was produced.

Painted Bondaweb with glitter.

 Strips of overlapped painted Bondaweb . .

 With added Tyvek shapes.

Some great combinations of Tyvek with Bondaweb.

We had a great 2 days - the final day was The Journey. I will write a separate post for that as the group created some really good work.


All these workshops are now available online on

Hello Jill, 6 more sleeps.
Hi Diana, am enjoying the crumpets.
Hi Tod, hope all is well my lovely. 



  1. Six more sleeps and a week of bliss x

  2. OH WOW love your wonderful samples( the flowers in the field is a knock out) and didn't your students do well.


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