A fabulous workshop with the NW Region Embroiderers Guild - and some exciting news.

Polyester organza decorated with painted and printed fusible web then decorated with hand stitch

The NW Region Embroiderers Guild summer school was held on 2nd - 4th June at Waddow Hall, Lancashire. http://www.waddow.org.uk/home.aspx 
A stunning view and great workshop rooms along with really good food made a fabulous start to the residential workshops. I highly recommend this venue if you are looking for rooms to hire. The staff can't do enough to help, brilliant.
This combined with a group of very keen guild members made sure I had one of the best experiences teaching a summer school.

 My group was in a large airy room on the ground floor with plenty of tables and power sockets.

The workshop was based on working with painted and printed fusible web. This was torn and ironed down to create a back ground for stitch. These backgrounds were decorated with combinations of Xpanadaprint, embossing powders,painted newspaper, gilding flake, mica flake or transfer foil. But not all at once!!

 Some of the layered backgrounds.
Torn strips on painted and printed fusible web, decorated with transfer foil and mica flakes.

A fusible web background used as a background for print.

Once the backgrounds were created, the group then began to stitch into their samples. I hope you will notice that we used a limited palette of colours on each sample. This meant you can appreciate the textures. The group were also encouraged to stitch in a colour that was already on the work, nothing contrasting. This enables the viewer to get drawn into the work, discovering new areas of stitch as you look.

As you will see from this beautiful sample.

This group created some of the best work I have seen on a workshop. Having 2 days and 2 evenings to work in gives you time to experiment, create and stitch. 
Here is just some of the wonderful work the group produced, the stitching has just been begun on most of the samples . .

A lovely bowl of threads on Hilary's table.
We also worked with distressed cellophane.  . .

  . . and newspaper . .

 . . and polyester organza.

I would like to thank Sue Chisnall and her team for an absolutely brilliant summer school and the students for such outstanding work.

 The other tutor on the summer school was Nicola Jarvis. Her group were learning new stitches and working on one of beautiful, printed kits.

If you live in the NW of the country and are looking for a Guild to join, then have a look here.

My first Sonas Studio online workshop launched on June 5th. 
We limited the numbers to 80 as I needed to make sure I could manage the online interaction with the students. It seems to be fine. Many of the students that enrol on online workshops work at their own pace and don't interact with other students, or even the tutor, it is their choice.

I have had very good feed back, The students like the having 4 shorter videos to work along with rather than one long one. All in all it has been a very positive experience. If you would like to join the database to be the first to hear which workshops are being launched when, then email at info@kimthittichai.com

My next online workshop will be A New Starting Point - 
I know this is eagerly awaited.

A sample created with my 'background and pretty' technique, which is included in this workshop.

Course overview
My most popular workshop. Discover and develop the redemptive qualities of old newspapers, maps, music and books. Create fascinating surfaces on which to print and stitch. Using painted Bondaweb/Vliesofix and all manner of sparkle, we will explore the possibilities of layering textures, ending up with exciting surfaces can be further embellished with print and stitch. If ironed onto a firm interfacing these gorgeous pieces of work that can be used to make boxes, vessels and brooches.

Enrollment will start on Friday 9th June - tomorrow.  The course is £80 and includes a 16 page full colour inspiration book delivered to you. As Ruzuku, the platform we use, is in American you will pay in American dollars. This is all sorted out by clever PayPal.

On enrollment you will be able to view the 'Welcome and your materials list' video and print off your materials list. The workshop videos will go live on Friday July 7th. This will give Jayne and I time to print the workshop books and get them out to students before the workshop starts.  Jayne is a partner in the workshops with me. It is she on the other side of the camera, who edits and uploads the videos and sorts out the books. I couldn't produce the online workshops with out her. 

to enrol go to - https://app.ruzuku.com/courses/22344/enroll
Whoo hoo!! My online workshops have begun, after all the years of talking about it.

Jayne is coming over to Ireland to film the next 3 workshops next week. It is all so exciting.


Hello Jill - thanks so much for all your help and the early coffee!
Hello Diana, will ring to ask questions as soon as I am home.
Hi Tod - I know you are enjoying this journey with me.

x x x


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