ExTeXtra . . . a developing group! First session - 11th & 12th July

 Alison brought in a very delicious rhubarb and ginger cake.
 We didn't have a knife to cut the cake, so we used my 24"steel ruler - well, you do have to be adaptable!!

 ExTeXtra is a group of 8 students from past Experimental Textiles courses, affectionately known as ExTex. We are now running ExTex4 and I am currently sorting the dates for ExTex5 which will start June 2016. The name ExTeXtra will probably change as the group work together and start to book their own exhibitions. This newly formed group will have have 4 more weekends together at The Old Needle Works in the IDC studios between now and March 2016.

The group are learning to negotiate between themselves and me to decide what we will be doing, discussing and working on during this time. I am now mentoring this group and guiding them as well as teaching any techniques, skills they think they need.

 Playing with white cartridge paper and staples, having a look at 3D.

It had been decided through a flurry of group emails that we would look at working in 3D this weekend and I would demonstrate the heavier iron interfacings. To decorate the interfacings we used old papers and painted Bondaweb.

Some of the paper samples.

 The girls were very intent on their experiments - it was a very quiet morning in the studio - such concentration.

Of course, we do need sustenance, most of this group bake as well as create fabulous work. So we do have breaks for for food, cake, biscuits!!!

 Rhubarb and ginger cake with a mug of coffee - divine!

 The Crafty Cafe at The Old Needle Works makes the most delicious sandwiches. It is important to stop for a break, even if the students don't want to stop because they are so engrossed in what they are doing. I love sitting with the girls while they relax together. I leave them for the last part of their lunch break so they can chat without me there . . . .

 A happy group tucking in to gorgeous grub.

Then it was back to work - making up the decorated paper to iron onto the interfacings.

 A bit more colour in the afternoon.

The group had a great time playing with the interfacings, working out which one to use, which was firm enough to hold the shape, be manipulated . . . .

 Some of the samples that will be developed.

I think you can see they had great couple of days. The next ExTeXtra weekend will be in August. I am very much looking forward to seeing what they have got up to.

I am off to Soihull in a minute ready to teach a 2 day Full Works Workshop. The car is loaded, I just wanted to get this post up before I left.
Wish me luck with the M25 . . . 

I apologise for the very bright links, have no idea why that has happened, I have Superstar Jayne coming on Monday - she will sort it out!!!

More next week, Have a great weekend.


10 days to go Jill- Whooo hooo!!!

x x x


  1. I'm on the major count down now, getting ready to pack the kitchen sink xxxx


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