ExTex 3 - 2nd session. Making printing blocks from their designs.

A fab page from one of the sketchbooks.

Apologies for being a bit behind with this blog, I was being a student my self this week - on a course with Gwen Hedley - FANTASTIC! I feel as though I have found my path again. It's time I stopped writing books and started creating work.
So - The second sessions of Experimental Textiles went well, all the students came back!!! That was a good start - and with such fabulous homework and a good start on their sketchbooks.
The homework was to take one design created on the first session and make a collage in black and white, maybe playing with counter change or inlay applique.

These are just a few of the beautiful samples that were produced for homework.


This flipped and mirrored design was turned into applique and then mirrored blocks were cut.

  The prints from these blocks worked really well and I will show them at the end of the month when the groups meet again with the rest of the fabulous prints.

This was a great design isolated from 'the journey' exercise .

The design was scanned in and manipulated on the PC to great effect.

Once we had had a look at and discussed the homework, we got on with making printing blocks from the previous sessions designs. Using foam core board as the base of the block and self adhesive foam for the design, both group cracked on fast and made some fabulous printing blocks.

The girls transferring their designs onto the foam core board and self adhesive foam.


Some of the students went the extra mile and made mirror blocks to complete the print. It is always worth the time it takes.

The blocks printed onto a page of a very old copy of Women's Weekly!

An over printing exercise . . .

And a roller print of one of the blocks - just gorgeous.


Having fun choosing colours to overprint with.

Printing onto folded paper . . .

. . And leather.

These fabulous blocs were used to print . . 

This shirt!

As you can see the groups are producing a lot of brilliant work - I am already panicking about how I will be able to choose what is going into the end of year show in March. aaRRGHH!!!! but Hey! what a great problem to have . . . 

There will be more at the end of the month - their next session is 28th - 31st.


nid-noi.com has been very busy with the sale of Lutradur/Spunbond and my new transfer foil packs. www.nid-noi.com/product/TRANS I will get all the orders posted tomorrow. I am still waiting for the Decovil1 light to come in - but everything else is in stock.


Festival of Quilts - stand M8 - NEC
   7th - 10th August

I will be leaving for Birmingham on Tuesday afternoon ready to set up the Freudenberg Vilene stand - M8, first thing Wednesday morning. 
Vilene are the sponsors of the Masterclass Quilts and our stand is opposite the quilts. Do come and say Hello! to Laura and myself - we will be demonstrating on the stand every day. We will be able to direct you to all the stands that sell Vilene products. It is going to be a very busy and exciting show - 

Whhoo hoo, let the fun commence!
See you all there.



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