The Experimental Textiles End of Year Show at the NEC March 20 - 23

 Tucked away in one of Mary's work book was this beautiful sampler of textures.

The Experimental Textiles End of Year Show went down very well. It was good to see so many visitors asking the girls questions. It makes a massive difference when you are making a piece of work to know that it is going to be seen by thousands of people - it can be very scary. 
Especially when it is the first time you have ever shown your work!

 The day always started quietly as the visitors made their way through the show to our back corner. It gave the girls a chance to 'warm up'. 
This is Kat and Rachel explaining about the course.

 Rachel's paper collage is a the top and 2 of Val's samples are below.

The students have to help hang the show and then steward it between themselves.
I am there to keep an eye on things  . . . . 

We had a lot of interest in the course - I am hoping to run 2 courses side by side from June - one on a Thursday and Friday and the other on a Saturday and Sunday. We already have students enrolled from Scotland and Cornwall as well as the local area. There is a good Holiday Inn Express close where by the students from further afield can stay overnight. One of the reasons I teach the course in Redditch is that is almost the middle of the country, has a train and train station very close by and is very close to the major motorways.

There are a maximum of 10 students on each course and we are taking enrolments now so if you are interested go to -
 One of Mary's weavings above and one of Val's experiments with using one of her block designs for applique.

 Kat's transfer prints at the top with felt by Val and a print by Mary.
On the plinth we have 'Bette Noir', Mary's 3D piece and few of the felt bowls.

 From the left - 4 of the 'Jouneys', a selection from the large still life and then some of the samples featured below.
 Kat's large, stitched paper collage at the top surrounded by gorgeous stitched samples.

 This was the beginning of Rachel's final piece. As the course is not accredited it means the students have less pressure to make a final piece, unless they want to. They can choose to do what they want to. Rachel wanted to continue making considered, stitched samples, until the show loomed into view - then she wanted to make something special. Having created so many samples of how to create the finished piece, Rachel out of time to finish it, but it still looked great. It just needs more stitch. This is one of the reasons it is important for the groups to have an end of year show - it changes the way you see your work and up to a point - how you you work.
I was particularly pleased with Rachel's work throughout the year as she had never even picked up a needle before the course. She can now work confidently by herself. 

 One of Mary's samples - Layered and stitched Tyvek  zapped and backed with pale grey fabric.
 Mary's fantastic woven bowl.

 From the top, Barbara's 2 newspaper faux chenille samples, left is Barbara's hand dyed and stitched sampler and Val's final piece.

 Val's final piece, layers and layers of hand dyed natural fabrics hand stitched in self coloured thread. It too a very long time to sort the way the colour 'falls'.

 One of Mary's hand dyed samples - about 10" x 7", the flowers can bet into all kinds of shapes.

 Val's small hand stitched sampler - just beautiful.
 Rachel's lovely hand stitched piece. So much fabulous hand stitch.

 Val's paper collage made from one of her still life paintings.

 Mary and Barbara taking advantage of a lull in proceedings to have a bit of lunch.
 The group's work book were very popular indeed - well they are the backbone of the course. The girls will have these amazing resources for the rest of their lives.

 One of Mary's designs from her journey. Print blocks on the left, print on the right.
 One of Rachel's samples for her final piece.

 Barbara's 2 felt hangings were just superb and very popular.


I hate it when a long course finishes - you build a bond with each student. I know I will be speaking to them and seeing them again, but for now I need to think of the next course starting in June.

One of the good things about the end of the course is the occasional gift a tutor receives - I was very spoilt this time with books and even a 'monster'.
  . . AND a rather large box of chocolates. Very carefully chosen - look at the design on the corners - quite 'journey' like.

. . . and the the description of the box of chocolates . . . couldn't be better . .

 . .  and NO!!! there aren't any left! Quelle Suprise!!


News about

While I am away from the 30th March - May 6th will be on a 28 day turnaround as opposed to the usual 7 working days. Jayne will be coming in to pick and post orders once a week but orders will take longer than usual to get out. All orders should be out within 14 days but I need to cover myself!!! 
PlayPacks will be unavailable till I get back and we are out of stock on the small Hot Spots. however, the new KK glue is now on the site and Reclaimed Textiles should be on the site next week. I am leaving a pile of signed copies for Jayne to post out.

KK Glue sprinkled lightly through a stencil and then foiled.

This will be my last post before I leave  -  I will post from Canberra next week - oooerr!!!!

I'm off to find my BIG suitcase and start packing.

Have a great weekend!

Hi Jill and Diana and Swansea!
This one is for you Mr Sculpher I hope it has passed muster?

x x x


  1. Have a wonderful time darling. Safe journey. Have you posted THE cheque?? xx

  2. Thank you honeybee! YES!!! have posted THE cheque.
    It won't be long . . . . . take care and love to all. x x x


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