The Northern Ireland Embroidery Guild 17th - 19th January - part the second

 It was worth having a little hint in the last post - Janet sent me 2 images of how she is beginning to stitch in to her samples.

 Starting to look good . . .

  The one day workshop on Sunday was A New Starting Point - the day started well with Noel cooking me an 'Ulster fry' - How could I refuse???
 A girl needs a good start to the day . . .

I must say that the ladies of The Northern Ireland Embroidery Guild are very good fun - and also VERY talented. I had the best weekend teaching this fabulous group of women.

 The ladies working hard.
 Just look at that bottom lip . . . !!!! Joanne/Joanna was particularly good fun.

 Lots of layering of papers, painted Bondaweb and of course - sparkles.


The papers were then printed onto - preferably with a colour that is already in the works so the print isn't tooooo 'in your face'!!



 I will show you the finished samples in the next post before I dash down to Exeter for the Craft4Crafters show on Wednesday.

 The group also tried the newspaper faux chenille which I will also show you after the weekend - I took so many pictures because the group produced so much splendid work.


I can't leave this post without another image of Tess - The Wonder Dog! 
She made it very clear to me on Sunday morning as I was packing my case that she really would like to come home with me . . . . . 

 . . . if only - I think Catherine, Noel and Matthew might have a little something to say about that. I will just to go back again . . . Ha Ha!!!


Have great weekend everyone.
Hello Jill
Hello Diana

x x x


  1. Will be thinking about you tomorrow xx

    1. MMMmm!!! if nothing else it will be fun - I have to ask myself . . . do I have the time? See you soon. x x x

  2. So much gorgeous texture! Thanks for the eye candy

  3. Thanks Vicki, wait till you see the final samples in the next post. x


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