Bonded and bejeweled newspaper for stitch at Foredown Tower - part 1

Old, dyed and painted newspapers layered with painted Bondaweb, glitter and sequins.

I have just got back from a brilliant workshop, it was one of those days where everything went smoothly and at a gentle pace - we all had such a great time.
There were eight in the group and they all got on well with each other and shared things like their dried hydrangea flowers and glitter. It makes such a difference when a group get on well together. The workshop was at Foredown Tower and we were looked looked after by Jayne who runs the tower and is also a very good friend of mine.

The day started well with hot chocolate and muffins!!!! 
Jayne had some clotted cream leftover from cream teas she was serving yesterday so we had to finish it off - it would have be very rude to say no - chocolate muffins with cream, and before 10 o'clock.

Oh! we were SO bad!

I did start teaching soonish after 10 - we didn't want to rush our naughtiness. 
The idea of the workshop was to show the delights of using painted Bondaweb with old newspapers and maybe try the Bondweb on fabrics too. It was wonderful to only work with one process - we could really get into it. The samples were made with the idea of stitching onto them at a later date. There are so many images to show you that I will split this post into two. I will show you the newspaper based samples today and the fabric based ones tomorrow.

The following samples all use torn strips of newspaper and painted Bondaweb with varying amounts of glitter, sequins and gilding flake.


It was great to play with glittery bits and pieces - and PLAY is the operative word. You learn much more and retain more information if you are relaxed and happy when you are learning. What better way to spend a day than with like minded people who enjoy similar practises. I love my job!

I am teaching the same workshop next Tuesday the 10th at Foredown Tower - there are still places left if you fancy coming out to play  - address and contact details on the top right of this blog.

More tomorrow - I need my dinner . . . . .



  1. really interesting..would love to know more about it. the samples looked gorgeous.x lynda

    1. Hi Lynda, it really is as simple as layering up the different products. I will be featuring this process in my next book which is due out August 2013. x

  2. Awesome... Amazing to think that boring old newspaper can end up as beautiful as this. Looks as if you were having a great time too!


    1. Hi Shoshi - Yes! it was a particulalry good day and of course Bondaweb is still my most favourite product to use, even after all the years I have been teaching and trying everything else. Thanks for getting in touch, x


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