Experimental Textiles 2nd weekend 1st day.

Sally's random print.

We had the second weekend of Experimental Textiles at The Old Needle Works this weekend. We had a FABULOUS time and the group produced some beautiful work.
The homework from the first week-end was to take one of their designs and interpret it in any material as long as it was black and white.

Liz's homework - to develop one of their designs.

 The design Liz worked from.

 Emma's homework.

 Part of Sally's home work.

 Part of Shaun's home work.

 Part of Tracey's homework.

Part of Clare's homework

 Heidie's homework.

 Part of Jo's homework

This week-end the students made printing blocks from their designs and experimented using them on different types of paper and fabric.

Some of the group working hard.

more of the group . . . 

Clare applying paint to her block - 

Clare printing onto paper with her block and using a 'dry' roller for extra pressure.

A print of both of Shaun's blocks. One design will create two blocks -
a positive (on the right) and a negative (on the left).

Printing onto newspaper -

 . . and onto brown paper, using alternate blocks.

Liz's first block prints and roller prints before they were flooded with dye.

Some of Heidie's first experiments with her blocks.

 . . and some of Tracy's 

 . . and one of Sally's overprinted and overprinted and . . 

I hope my girls had a good time, they seemed to, I of course - had a BRILLIANT time! Using original designs to create printing blocks and decorate papers and fabric all weekend - lots of colour and print - wonderful.
All these basic techniques can be found in my second book Experimental Textiles and was originally taught me by Ruth Issett the Queen of Colour and an amazing tutor.
Ruth teaches along with Bobby Britnell at Bobby's beautiful studios -

I have loads more to show you so will do another post tomorrow . . . 



  1. What an interesting set of homework, all looked very creative and full of potential!
    28 more sleeps?

    1. Thank you honeybee - they are a very creative group, I am very lucky.

      re. 28 more sleeps - I MUST find the materials list, can't wait to see you! x x x x x


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