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Bonded layers of Vilene Spunbond CS500

It is SO good to be home - the washing machine is going full pelt, I have so much sorting out to do and the cleaning . . . I left the house in a bit of a mess and surprise surprise - the fairies haven't been in - so will have to attack the cobwebs too - but I am home, for at least a week. Big sigh - wonderful! Domestic goddess? Possibly not!

The second 2 day workshop at Inkberrow Design Centre was Hot Textiles. This is a more basic workshop to teach the safe creative use of irons, heat guns and soldering irons. It was great to have 2 days to spend extolling the wonders of Vilene Spunbond, Bondaweb and Tyvek.

Some of the excellent decorated painted Bondaweb samples. The Bondaweb has been decorated with (from the top) transfer foils and Tyvek, threads, glitter and gilding flake, sequins, gilding flake and transfer foil, skeleton leaves.

To create these layered applique Vilene Spunbond samples - pre dyed Vilene Spunbond was ironed onto Bondaweb as you would when doing iron-on applique. instead of using scissors to cut out shapes, we use a soldering iron. You can create quite intricate shapes by using the soldering iron as a hot 'pen' to draw lines that melt and cut the synthetic fabric. This technique can be used with any synthetic fabric. It is a very relaxing way to work as you can only work as fast as the fabric you are using will melt.


One of the students is doing a City Guilds course and used the opportunity to make some colour samples for her sketch book. The CS500 is very fine and can be overlayed to great effect.

Painted Bondaweb decorated with transfer foil on black Vilene Spunbond CS500 and then zapped with a heat gun to create lovely fluffy, wavy edge.

Learning how to apply transfer foils to Bondaweb.

This image shows how effective it can be if you paint your Bondaweb and Tyvek with the same paints. This student will be able to use sections of the Tyvek to raise the surface of her Bondaweb sample. Work created with painted Bondaweb can be a bit flat as you an iron and Tyvek, selectively used, can give a bit of texture.

A envelope shaped box dyed and decorated with transfer foil ready to fold and assemble.

A casket shaped box decorated with gilding flake, threads and glitter.

I took my new toy along with me so was able to cut boxes from heavy pelmet Vilene plus. This wonderful iron-on interfacing has heat activated glue on one side and can be dyed or painted with a thin layer of paint. (not too thick or it will lose it's 'stickiness'). This glue can then be decorated with anything you would iron onto Bondaweb, painted or otherwise. Fab - u- lous!

So - cleaning to do, hair to dye blue - and it rhymes toooooo!!! 


I am giving a lecture on Tyvek and Vilene Spunbond at St Swithuns Church Hall, East Grinstead tomorrow at 10am - do come along if you fancy and you live nearby.

Have a great Sunday!



  1. Hope the talk went well! It all sounds amazing. Wish I could have been there. Very exciting stuff.


  2. All went well thank you - well - no one went to sleep . . . . x


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