A New Starting Point - Moor Hall - October 6th & 7th - roll up, roll up!!!!

 old painted and dyed newspaper layered with painted Bondaweb to create a firm surface on which to stitch and print 

It is always good to write new courses and stretch yourself (and your students). I have been looking forward to teaching A New Starting Point - a workshop based on using old painted and dyed newspapers as a base for just about anything you fancy but including stitch and print. The surfaces can be layered to create samples firm enough to make into boxes or vessels. This should be a very exciting course which could lead in many directions. 

I will be delivering this 2 day course at Moor Hall, Bobby Britnell's workshop in Newcastle on Clun, Shropshire SY7 8PH, we could do with a few more students - if you know of anyone that might be interested - do forward this blog to them . . . . . 

As well as layering newspaper with painted Bondaweb we will be experimenting with faux chenille using newspaper - another great opportunity for an unusual background on which to stitch by hand or machine . . . . . this is a link to Bobby's website should you be interested.

I will also be giving a lecture on the night of the 6th at Marches Embroiderers Guild so if you fancy a good laugh - do come along!!!


Now back to that list . . . . x

 p.s - if any of you are on Facebook could you use the link on the top left of this page and 'like' my page?

Thank you  x


  1. this newspaper texture has me swooning!

  2. Thanks Sue - it's all in the new book and there are various posts on here. I must admit to be totally hooked on newspaper - and Facebook!!!
    thank you so much for your 'likes'.

    I have been thoroughly enjoying your Sketchbook Challenge - it is a fantastic idea. Well done all of you. x x x

  3. The link to the workshop appears to be broken. Wanted to see more of the chenille. Love your stuff.

    Nancy Patchell

  4. Hi Nancy - have changed the link but I think there may be a glitch with Bobby's site - will check tomorrow. I will post a few more images of faux chenille with newspaper tomorrow - night, night! x


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