Monday, 9 May 2016

A New Starting Point - 2 day workshop Babbacombe May 4th & 5th.

A beautiful torn paper sample.

I am nearly at the end of my three week teaching tour of the West Country. I have a day off today to tootle around Honiton and then drive to Nailsworth near Stroud for my last 2 day workshop tomorrow and Wednesday. Then it is home.

Last week I taught for three days at the Beads for Beauty studio in Babbacombe run by Sylvia McCann and her daughter Alison.
A two day version of 'A New Starting Point' and a one day workshop - 'Now You See It' which I will write up when I get back home.

I love teaching at Sylvia's, it is a well equipped workroom and everyone is always so well looked after. A New Starting Point is my newspaper based workshop. Great fun!

Who would have thought you could have such fun with 
old newspapers and books.

A good roomy and well equipped workroom.

Getting down to decorating the newspaper samples.

I love teaching this workshop, you never quite know what is going to be created, apart from gorgeousness. Using painted and un-painted Bondaweb we work with painted and unpainted newspaper, maps and old book pages. Tearing a layering, creating fabulous textured surfaces which can then be printed onto and stitched.
Some of the torn and layered samples with a few sparkles thrown in for good measure.

The paper samples can be ironed onto any weight of iron-on interfacing. If you just need to support the paper while you hand stitch, then something soft like F220 or H250. For projects like book covers Decovil 1 or Decovil light would be fabulous - they feel like leather. There is a lot of information all the interfacings here -

The heaviest iron-on interfacing is S133. It is very stiff - almost like cardboard and this is what I make my jewellery range from. My decorated papers are ironed onto the S133 and then shapes are cut on a die cutting machine or laser cutter.
We used die cutting machines in this class. Many thanks to Diana, Fiona and Terry for bringing them in for everyone to use.

Some great shapes ready to be made into brooches.

Then we got onto making newspaper faux chenille - I love this technique. Most often made with fabric, but I love making it with newspaper or newspaper layered with polyester organza. The bottom layer needs to be a firm layer like S80 the medium weight sew in interfacing. And the stitch length needs to be at least number 4.

The channels are stitched and then slashed. You can 'rough up' the paper channels to great effect.

Some of the newspaper faux chenille samples made on the workshop.

There are several tutors that incorporate faux chenille with fabric in their work. Fay Maxwell is one of the very best and she is SUCH fun - I do miss seeing her - we are both so busy.

Making the faux chenille 3D by using S133.

Some of the students started to stitch their samples - I am looking forward to the photos of the finished pieces!!!! Hint Hint!!

Starting to stitch . . .

I had a great time teaching this workshop - there are more images on my FB page. I will start writing up all the other workshops when I get home later in the week.

So, I am now off to Nailsworth to teach my final workshop over the next two days. . .  Watch this space.


Am missing you Diana
Jill, am thinking about you and your excitement 
Hello Toddimightykiddums
Denise - this time next year!!! 

x x x x


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