Tuesday, 6 November 2012

ExTex 7th weekend - making 'pretties'.

 One of Tracey's fabulous samples.

The weekend saw the last ExTex session for this year. The girls have two more sessions, one in January and one in February; then it will be their end of year show at Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch at the NEC in March. - no pressure then girls!!

As the last session as full dye recipes and all a bit 'concentrated', I thought it would be good for the the group to decide what they wanted to do this session. The decision was newspaper 'pretties' on Saturday and playing with Vilene Spunbond and transfer dyes on Sunday. They all had a great time throwing around glitter and gilding flake for a day, this is some of what they got up to . . . . 

The following five images are the basic layered 'pretties' using old dyed and painted newspaper, painted Bondaweb and most things sparkly.


Four of the girls tearing and layering their 'pretties', lots of mess and fun.

Then the girls started to create more considered samples - 


We all had a fab Saturday - I will post all the Sunday images in a couple of days . . . .
If any of you are interested in the course I will running it again from next May experimentaltextiles.com


I travelled up to Redditch early on Friday as I had a special 'date' with a certain fire crew in Redditch - YES!!!!! FIREMEN!!!! I was helping Brenda (who I teach for at IDC) and Redditch Council to launch their 'these hands are not for hurting' campaign. Strong role models are being asked to take part to raise awareness of the many kinds of abuse. My mission was to help the firemen make hand prints on a banner. The initiative is going so well that three more councils now want to join in. Unfortunately I have no more time to help any more fire crews - sigh . . . . . . .

Such lovely boys - 
how is it that as we get older these lads are getting younger . . !!!!


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