Do you collect treasures?

A beautiful bowl and vase from The Blue Pottery in Jaipur

 I don't often dust . . the housekeeping gene definitely missed me! 

But sometimes, when I have time, or I am avoiding doing something else, I dust, and admire and enjoy the many beautiful and colourful artefacts that have traveled home with me from different parts of the world. I am particularly fond of the mementos/trophies that I collected from my 4 textile holidays to Jaipur with Colouricious. What an amazing time we all had together.

Lovely long beaded, decorated cords with bells on, hanging in my beaded curtain and on the wall of my lounge.
 Small, inexpensive, purchases can bring such delight, even years after, bringing back happy memories of warm, colourful days.
The simple beauty of un fired terracotta lassi cups.

I am particularly fond of these lassi cups, they are quite fragile and I was delighted they got back to Ireland in one piece. The yogurt drink lassi is served in the cups and then they are smashed after use, ground up and made into clay again to make more lassi cups. A perfect circular economy.

There are times when it is tempting to invest in something a bit more - special!!
I might have bought a silk rug in Jaipur . .  I had just moved into my new home in Ireland, and it was the same colour as one of the walls in my lounge. The rug was shipped from Jaipur and was delivered in good time and perfect condition. I can't tell you how pleased I am with it. I enjoy walking on it and admiring it, every single day. And it is an heirloom to pass onto my family.

   My beautiful silk rug, it feels wonderful when you walk on it in bare feet.  


All this reminiscing is making think about my trip to Uzbekistan in April next year with Aahilya Holidays. Aahilya Holidays is run by Isha Sharma, who I first met in Jaipur when I was working with Colouricious. Little did I know when I met Isha, I would be working with her a few years later. You just never quite know what is going to happen in life, do you? 

I thought I was happy, living quietly in Ireland, until I had a stand at The Festival of Quilts last August. I realised I missed traveling and seeing and talking to new people. I thought I had finished traveling, but then Isha asked me to work with her, and low and behold, we are off to explore and delight in the textiles, crafts and architecture of the Silk Road in Uzbekistan in April 2025.

What an incredible opportunity, this trip is. Something I have only ever dreamed of, and now it is going to happen. Sometimes it is good to say yes!!

The Shah i Zinda in Samarkand

The Shah i Zinda in Samrkand is the holiest site in Samarkand. A necropolis of mausoleums going back in time from the northeast fringe of Tamerlane's capital over the old city wall and onto the southern slope of ancient Afrosiab. The stunning avenue of mausoleums contains some of the richest tilework in the Muslim world.

Whilst we will be exploring the the beautiful crafts and textiles of Uzbekistan, we will also be discovering the remarkably simple, but highly decorated buildings along The Silk Road with stops in Kiva, Bukhara and Samarkand. Such fantastic inspiration.

We will be learning about the traditional Suzani embroideries and taking part in a workshop to learn more about how these beautiful pieces are created.
The entire trip will be a wonderful journey of discovery, exploring the culture of this remarkable country. Have a look at the itinerary here -

This trip is already half full - so if you are interested or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Aahilya Holidays or me.

Simple shapes and gorgeous tiling

 . . and in 2026 I will be traveling with Aahilya to 2 very different cultures . .  but more of that, later in the year!!!


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