I have been sulking!!


Sunrise on September 29th

Another on September 2nd

It's been a while. I was sulking, Yes!! I know it is unattractive at my great age . . 

Having the new website built was fantastic. It is so exciting to be able host private groups, my online teaching and in a couple of months, the new online workshop library. There was just one problem, because of changing technology, I was told I couldn't link this blog to the website - Blogger was too old! Until last week when I was having teething problems with the new online program and I mentioned it the guy from Wix who was helping me. And he worked out how to link it to the website, and it refreshes every time I post a new blog - AND the search engine on the blog still functions. 

I can't tell you how EXCITED and happy I am. I have been writing this blog since July 2010 - 12 years. Most of my teaching of the last 12 years has been written up on here so if you wanted to know more about Tyvek, Design, Lutradur, Heat guns etc - just put what you are looking for in the search engine, and several blogs posts will come up. It is a great resource. I am very proud of it.


 The weather has certainly changed now. We have had a few weeks of rather lovely sunshine and not much above a breeze. We now have grey skies, a cold wind and the odd shower. It makes me want to bake cheeses scones and make soup. 

Part of my flower border in July - it's not so pretty now!

There is a lot of cutting back to do in my big border and general clearing up. I am already planning what to plant next year and which seeds I need to buy. . . Gardening is the one thing that has taught me patience!!


So - the new online version of Experimental Textiles is now underway, we have had had one or two issues with logging in but this is to be expected when it is a brand new program on a brand new website. All is working well now and it is wonderful to see the students chat to each other in the private group and show their photos of how they are responding to the course content. It is great to have the course running again and being able to work with students all over the world is very special. Enrolment on the course is open until midnight BST on Saturday October 8th. If you would like to book a chat with me, just email me - info@kimthittichai.com (copy and paste).


The flipping out exercise. One of the 3 design exercises from session one on ExTex.

 Tamara who is member of ExTex has been having great fun with her Journey exercise and taking sections. The first module is all in black and white. We start using colour in the next module when make printing blocks from selected designs.

Tamara's Journey

Tamara's workbook with a few of her sections of her journey.

There is still time to join the course if you enrol by midnight on Saturday 8th October - 3 days left. After that the course will be closed.



Painted Bondaweb, Lutradur and Tyvek zapped with a heat gun

Do you love your heat tools? Do you love experimenting?  I have one more live Zoom workshop left this year. 

Zap! Pow! Slash & Melt! 

Tuesday October 25th & Wednesday 26th 

9 - 12 PST/12 - 5 BST

This workshop was originally arranged for a group in Canada but as there are 3 places left, I thought I would open it up. We will be working with Tyvek, Lutradur and painted Bondaweb over the 2 x 3 hour sessions. Plus there will be a Show and Tell for the group 2 weeks after the workshop for a catch up on Wednesday November 9th. These live sessions are great fun and you can get a lot done.

Here is the link for more information - and to book.



Now that ExTex is up and running and all is going well, I can concentrate on filming all my workshops for my new online video library. I am a month behind with the filming, but there is no point rushing. The videos have to be right. The new video library will be available by annual subscription on my website later in the year.

 So that is me up to date now - no more sulking . . . 



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