Designing & creating a NEW online course

A section across 3 'Journeys' one of the design exercises on Experimental Textiles.

I have finally finished wrestling with the NEW online 10 month Experimental Textiles course which will start on September 21st 2022. It was very helpful to have all the replies from the surveys that I sent out to my mailing list. The replies guided me as I worked through all my ideas to create something that would fit both my ideas and what appears to be needed. The NEW 10 month online course
 A history of Experimental Textiles . .
I have taught my course Experimental Textiles since 1999!! It was originally written as a one year course and eventually ended up as a 4 year course . .  because my students wouldn't leave!! I taught the 4 year course across 2 colleges for 12 years.
As you can imagine, it was pretty full on. But also amazing, and I learned so much and made some great friends a long the way. 
After the 12 years I swore I wouldn't teach the course again, I was worn out - so I wrote my second book - Experimental Textiles. The book is based on the course.
Working from a large scale still life.

 But of course, I missed teaching a longer course. While teaching one day workshops is fun, it is not so rewarding as helping students over a period of time to develop their own creative practice. So I developed a one year course to be delivered over weekends in Redditch - more or less the the centre of the UK. Most students stayed in Redditch over night, having traveled from Yorkshire, Scotland, Plymouth, and several places in between. In 2012 I taught the one year course for the first time and then every year until the beginning of 2017, by which time I was living here in Ireland.
Painting up Bondaweb for a students choice session.

These 5 years were very special. Teaching the condensed course to one group of 16 was easier for me and gave me more time to concentrate on each student.  It was an exciting time as each group held their end of year show at the NEC in Birmingham at the Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch Show. no pressure!!!

So - it's all change and I am moving the course online. It means I can teach students all over the world and they can work in their own home/studio in their own time.
To see all the details of the new course, go to -
A fabulous little felt bowl made on a constructed textiles session.

Various woven colourful yarns

Printing blocks made from the design exercises



I won't be teaching any more one day live Zoom workshops while I am teaching the new course. I will be teaching workshops for private groups - there are few booked in.

My last one day live Zoom workshop is Transforming Transfer is on Friday July 29th. We will be going out in full glorious technicolour! Have a look here -

Working with Disperse dyes/Transfer paints and synthetic fabric along with soldering irons and Bondaweb, we will have a great day. This workshop is in the London time zone.

Samples from previous Transforming Transfer workshops


That's about it for now, let me know if you have any questions about the new course or the last workshop.
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