The Jaipur Journey - January 8th - 18th. Part the second . .

A wonderful labyrinth block print - in GOLD!

So - onward with our wonderful trip to discover all things design based and just so exciting in Jaipur with Colouricious Holidays
Our second day started with a trip to a brilliant factory that specialises in printing with metallic paint - no surely not Kim . . something shiny!!?

It is a great factory, very well organised, and helping to bring back hand printed fabrics into the high streets all over the world. Next time we go I would love to hear the owner talk about how he started the factory, developed it and how he is, almost single handedly, changing the the image of hand block printing in Jaipur. He is employing more and more block printers who in turn need more and more blocks. It is all very exiting. I wouldn't be surprised when we go back in 2 years if he is on factory number 2.

 Joyce had her own young man to help her match up her repeats.

You can hear the buzz of very happy ladies printing with the metallic paint.
Even as early as the second day new friendships were being formed.

 The concentration . . you can almost hear Kath thinking . .

 June thoroughly enjoyed her printing session. 
Look at the shine on that print.

 Even though everyone was concentrating they all had a great time.
It was a very relaxed yet informative session.

 Just 4 of the all blocks we used.
Plus - we were all presented with block of our name.
How lovely was that?

 This end of the table had a riot of a time. Maggie, Angela and Lesley got on really well right from the start.

 There are always loads of different shapes and colours to see around these printing factories - wonderful.

 After the metallic printing it was back on the coach to visit The Blue Pottery and have a wander the village of Sanganeer where some of the block carvers work.

 It's not often you see a cobra.

Having a wander around the village we saw lots of inspiration for design.

 I loved this railing, wonderful positive and negative space.

 The position of this young man within the space of the shop.
Love the straight lines contrasted by the strings of packets.

 A fabulous little building quite separate from the rest of the street.

 The Blue Pottery - lives up to its name. Using local soil and quartz to make the clay for the pots with their special glazes.

 Just beautiful tiles, vases, elephants, bowls, buttons, beads . .

 The next stop was a paper making factory and retail shop. My goodness it was fabulous. We saw how the paper was in made in large vats and then went to see a group of ladies making up paper carrier bags.

 A cross section of a stack of handmade paper - gorgeous.

 The ladies making up the paper carrier bags.

 A bit of retail therapy - very reasonable . .

While I am writing these blog posts, there will be at least 2 more about this trip, I am building ideas of how to develop this trip for my next trip out to Jaipur in January 2021. I am making notes . . . I am hoping that by the time I have posted the last blog post next week, we will have the next holiday up on the Colouricious website.

I would like to stress that apart from 2 sisters that traveled together and 2 friends who had been to Jaipur before, everyone was traveling on their own and knew no one else. That included me!! We had the best time together.

I will post more in a few days. 
The Journeys are AMAZING!!!

x x x


  1. So envious, too old and no money but you do make it sound real and fabulous. 10 years ago I would have been in but I do know my limitations now. Thank you .

  2. I visited Jaipur in a wonderful month long trip to Rajasthan in November. Watching the block printing was facinating.


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