Catching up with workshops and an interview.

 Die cut shapes from decorated newspaper ironed onto S133 interfacing.
Online workshop - A New Starting Point.

Being interviewed about your practice is a strange thing. Particularly when you tend not to work the same way as most of your peers. It makes you feel a bit vulnerable. However, when the interview comes out and looks and reads - quite alright really, you feel much better. This is a link to the interview. I hope you enjoy reading it.


This is a catch up blog post. 
In August I have my last two workshops in the UK til 2019. One at Art Van Go and one at the Old Needle Works in Redditch.

 Art Van Go - there are 2 places left.
 August - Thursday 17th and Friday 18th
2 day workshop 10am - 4pm
 Stitched and Printed Textile Travels.
Be inspired by your travels - from a stunning arch in a cathedral to the exotic delights of an elephant ride in India.
£95 (Including £4 materials charge)

 Create a colourful, layered sample to develop into a printed and stitched piece that could be mounted onto a canvas. We will make a printing block from the inspiration you bring to the workshop. We will then print onto fabrics and cut back and layer using applique and reverse applique to create depth and interest. The simplest techniques can create the most beautiful effects. We will be working the applique by hand, no machines, just the enjoyment of hand stitch.
To check availability or to book the workshop please phone 01438 814946.


IDC studios, The Old Needle Works, Redditch. There are 5 places left.
August. Monday 21st - Thursday 24th
4 day workshop 10am - 4pm
Summer school - The Journey Through to Printing Blocks. 

 The first part of this workshop will involve creating your own inspirational journey.  Painting an imaginary journey with various width paintbrushes, this will NOT be a competition to see who the best painter is as it is a gentle form of mark making.  From this we will trace of sections and make simple printing blocks from your own original designs.  We will be discussing the elements of what we consider is a good design.  It is different for all of us, no-one is right – and no-one is wrong, it is a matter of opinion.  We will choose 2 or 3 designs and make printing blocks, then we will launch into printing up your fabrics.  We will have great fun and I am very much looking forward to it.

 This 4 day workshop is £340
Materials list available (materials not included).
 To book, phone  01527 69100


So - onto my online courses.
The first online workshop Manipulating with Heat filled up fast and is going well. 
Although the workshop is based on a one day workshop, the videos are available to view for 6 months for all workshop participants. We all know how life can get in the way, we can't always do something we want to, when we want to. This means that you can just keep going . . . playing, experimenting and developing your samples. Whilst the videos show you techniques, what is most important is the time you invest in playing and experimenting and then developing ideas.

The next workshop goes live on Friday July 7th and will be available to participants until January 7th 2018.. Enrolment is going well but there are still places. It is very encouraging to see how many students from the first workshop have signed up for the second one.

 Try out my 'backgrounds and prettys' technique.

Once ironed onto firm interfacings, these decorated papers can be cut with a die cutting machine to create shapes for brooches and boxes. Or you can just use scissors or a craft knife to cut shapes. I find that many crafters have access to a die cutting machine through friends or a group they belong to, so they are worth mentioning. 

 Layered maps ironed onto a firm interfacing and made into a box.

 These shapes makes great brooches and earrings.

  . . a flower brooch . . .

  . . a heart shape box, interfacing decorated with layered and torn newspaper and then printed with a leaf shaped wooden block.

 . .  or maybe try something more 3D.

 The videos also cover how to make decorated book covers and how to develop your samples with print and stitch. There is also a comprehensive section on the interfacings I use and how you might like to use them.

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Hello Jill, well done for hanging on in there.
Hi Diana, how are you getting on?
Hello Tod, it was great to speak to you yesterday.



  1. I'm a hanging, just need to make a bit more time still, this retirement lark is busy xxx

  2. I've never been able to catch up and do a class in New Zealand and now when you're in England, I'm in Ireland. All I can say Kim is that it's just as well your books are full of experiments for me to played around. And of course there's your online workshops if I feel the need for even more instruction. 😉

    1. Wendy - I am in Ireland too! Loophead, County Clare. x


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