Sticky and Shiny - New 2 day workshop at Art Van Go - 2nd and 3rd August.

One of Sharon's great samples.

I am catching up - Last week I had a fabulous 2 days at the Art Van Go studios. I always have great fun there, Viv and Kevin have become great friends in the years I have been teaching there. 
'Sticky and Shiny' is a new workshop that I have written to help students understand the joys of foiling all the different glues.

The glues we were working with were - KK Glue, Bondaweb, Fuse FX. We also played with Xpandaprint and embossing powders. 

We had a good time playing together for 2 days and achieved some fabulous effects. Just remembering 'which way is up?' is a good start . .  then there is the baking parchment - soooooo important.

The group getting down to some serious play.

As most of you will know, I love Bondaweb. It is so versatile. Here a few samples of this fabulous product.

Bondaweb cut to shape, ironed onto black fabric. The backing paper was removed when the Bondaweb was cool. The shape was then covered in transfer foil - colour side up - and ironed with baking parchment, with an iron on less than medium. Around the silk mark. If the iron is too hot, the foil puckers and doesn't release the colour evenly.

Painted Bondaweb decorated with transfer foil, using the side of the iron to transfer the heat.

Cut shapes of Bondaweb decorated with transfer foil, mica flakes and gilding flake.

Painted Bondaweb decorated with transfer foil.

KK Glue is a very fine powder and works well with transfer foil. The powder needs to be 'fixed' with an iron and baking parchment, before you foil it.
Here is a video that might help. KK Glue video.

KK Glue was sprinkled through a stencil. The stencil was carefully lifted off, being careful not to smudge the design. Baking parchment was then carefully placed over the powder and then the whole thing was ironed. Once the glue was cold, the baking paper was removed. Transfer foil was then placed over the cold glue design, colour side up. This was then ironed, with baking parchment on the top, with a cool iron. The foil is then removed to reveal your now foiled design.

As KK Glue is a powder, you can also use it with stamp pads. Ink up your printing block with your stamp pad and stamp the design onto your background. This can be paper or fabric. Sprinkle the powder over the damp ink. The ink will be damp enough to hold the powder. Shake off the powder that is not stuck to the glue and put back into the glue pot. Carefully iron the powdered design with backing parchment to fix it. Once the design is fixed, you can then foil it.

A foiled, stamped design.

On this sample you can see the the stamped design decorated with KK Glue and transfer foil on the left. The remaining 'negative' design on the foil can then be ironed onto Bondaweb.

There is a step by step tutorial here -

We then went onto play with Xpandaprint and embossing powders.

Xpandaprint scraped through a stencil - you only need a very thin layer - the stencil removed, then the design is zapped with a heat gun and the paste puffs up. This can then be painted or decorated to your taste.

Pritt stick - other 'stick' glues are available - was scraped through a stencil. The stencil was lifted off. Embossing powder was sprinkled over the glue. The residue is shaken off and poured back into the pot. The embossing powder was then zapped with a heat gun to melt it and make it 'run'.

Then it was onto Fuse FX, this is a kind of 'net' of glue . . . It foils really well and makes a great background for print.

Foiled Fuse FX.

We all had a great time - Art Van Go run workshops throughout the year. Have a look and see if there is anything you fancy. My last workshop there this year is in November. My newspaper based workshop - A New Starting Point. I think there are a couple of places left. Art Van Go Workshops


Right, I am off to find all the kit I need to take to Festival of Quilts.  I will be demonstrating on the Vliseline stand - M8. Please note the name change.
Vilene have go over to the European name now. Think Cif and Jif and Marathon and Snickers. It's the same company with the same outstanding products. The logo is the same colourway - the word is just a bit longer - it still starts with a 'V' and and in an 'E'!!!
Hope to see of you there - do come and say Hello! Laura will be there too. I haven't seen her since before Christmas - I have missed her. We are going to have such a great time catching up.


Hello lovely Jill - hours to go!!!
Thinking about you Diana
Hello Tod - is it really toooo remote? I shall find out next week.



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