Layered Jewelled Surfaces with the Quilt Association at the Minerva Arts Centre - Friday 29th - Sunday 31st July.

A rather lovely sample created with painted Bondweb, distressed and decorated polyester organza.

My goodness - I have NEVER been so well fed!!! I had the most fabulous time on Llanidloes, Powys, Wales. What a beautiful town and just lovely people.

The Minerva Arts Centre is a splendid venue - it holds exhibitions of all kinds of textiles - while I was there there was a fabulous exhibition of old quilts from the collection of Barbara Chainey It also has a great workshop area. So much space and power sockets - I was a very happy girl.

I was booked to teach a 3 day version of Layered Jeweled Surfaces. Lots of sparkle - always good for me. 

We started of by painting up Bondaweb and Lutradur/CS800

While the painted Bondaweb and Lutradur/CS800 was drying we played with the soldering irons. I had some old stock of pre-dyed Lutraur 30/CS500 and this seemed like a good time to give some away. The group ironed Bondaweb onto  2 pieces of the Lutradur and 2 pieces of polyester organza. A piece of the lightweight Lutradur was left to be used as a background. Shapes were cut from the Bondaweb backed fabrics with a soldering iron. As the fabrics are synthetic, they cut very well with heat.

Cutting shapes with a soldering iron.

Once the shapes have been cut they can be ironed onto the background. (using baking parchment underneath and on top of your work).

Some of the layered applique shapes that were cut with a soldering iron and then ironed onto a background.

We then got onto ironing the painted Bondaweb onto polyester organza. This was decorated with gilding flake and or mica flake. The group had great fun zapping their samples with heat guns, creating gorgeous crunchy edges.


Polyester organza decorated painted Bondaweb, mica flakes and gilding flake.

This scrumptious piece was created by ironing painted Bondaweb onto a backing fabric. Zapped decorated organza was then ironed onto the painted Bondaweb.
I do love a mica flake!!!!

We also had a play with embossing powders . . .

And Hot Spots and transfer foil . . .

You can see from the following photos what a lovely big area Minvera has as a workshop. The table were against the walls as we need the sockets and it is good not to have trailing flexes if you can avoid it.


The workshop.

Having 3 days was a great luxury - there is time to really develop processes and start to stitch. I had time to talk to each member, another great luxury.
The group were really quite experienced, so at various stages during the course I could wind them   . .  and off they went. It is great watching students work by themselves, making their own decisions, but I can't leave them alone for too long - I want to play too . . . .


Starting to build up layers.

Here are a few of the more resolved pieces . . .

A great vessel on the go - just needs a seam to help it stand it up. 
Painted Lutradur/CS800, zapped with a heat gun and layered.

Painted Bondaweb decorated with zapped decorated polyester organza.

A detail of the work above.

Playing with composition . .

Playing with zapped Lutradur/CS800 and painted Bondaweb.

A table full of experiments. Great fun.

Taking photos of all the work at the end of the course.

I have to say something about the hospitality at Minerva, I don't think I have ever been waited on so well, it was like have hand maidens tending to your every need. A fresh lunch was prepared every day and served along with fresh fruit - and yes - CAKE!!! It was lovely for us to all sit down to eat together.

Delicious fresh and tasty food . . . .

The hand maidens that cooked, prepared and served the food . . .

and the cake . . . . .

Everything was delicious.

The lovely group all together - we did have a good time.

I will be going back to Llanidloes in 2018 - I think I will teach a 3 day version of The Journey. I can join the workshop onto the others that I will be doing in Wiltshire and Devon. 
Thank you everyone - I had a VERY good time.


I am writng this post at Art Van GO where I will be teaching a new workshop over the next 2 days. 'Sticky and Shiny' is my new workshop that shows how to work with all the heat bondable glues and transfer foil. We are going to have a great time experimenting and layering and maybe even stitching.
Watch this space. . . . 


Hello Jill - hope you are enjoying the rest of your life???
Hi Diana, we need to talk about 2018 . . .
Hello Tod - hope all is well. 

x x x x


  1. Rest of my life is looking good so far..... Ten more sleeps xxx

  2. I wish I had known this was on, I would have come on the course. I used to live near there. It looked like a brilliant workshop.


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