Endings and beginnings . . Halfway in - and halfway out!

A stitched piece from one of the still life sessions on 
Experimental Textiles.

 I'm in a funny old place! I'm fast approaching a big birthday and planning some big changes. One decision I have made is that the next course of Experimental Textiles which runs from June 2016 - March 2017, will be my last. 
I love this course - after all, I wrote it! But it is a tie every month and stops me traveling for longer periods of time. We are recruiting now - there are only 10 places, so if you are interested - have a look here. experimentaltextiles.com

Feeling a bit nostalgic I have had look back at some of the work produced over the last 5 years and picked out a few pieces.

 A gorgeous little felt bowl embellished with glass beads and and hand stitch.

 Transfer printed applique and transfer foiling.

A knitted wire bangle.

The last weekend was the last session of ExTeXtra 1. This is the group that finished Experimental Textiles in March 2015 but wanted to carry on. They have had five mentoring weekends with me spread over the past year. 

They have started an exhibiting group called Out of Line. They had their first exhibition at the Bristol Quilt and Textile Show last November and will be exhibiting some of their work on the Inkberrow Design Centre Stand at The Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch Show in March.

The girls from ExTeXtra - now Out of Line, on their first sessions at least 2 years ago.

This last session was used as a tutorial/catch up/do what you fancy session. We covered procion dyeing and printing, transfer printing, devore and block printing with acrylic.

Jane printing with thickened procion dye.

Kate experimenting with my machine.

Mary experimenting with thickened procion dye.

Alison and Val dyeing natural fabrics with procion dyes.

Rachael block printing and playing with layers of print on sheer fabrics.

Marilyn experimenting with devore.

Tracey experimenting with transfer dyes.

I hate it when a long course finishes, particularly this group, we have been together for 2 years. We have all become great friends. We are even going on holiday together in the summer - appalling professional conduct!!

Goodbye ExTeXtra, Hello Out of Line - exciting new beginnings.
  x x x
New beginnings.

2016 will be the last year that I will be teaching every month. From 2017 I will be cutting my teaching time right down. I have finally decided where I want to move to - not Redditch - Ireland, probably County Clare. I just love the West Coast, the wild, lashing seas. It has a remarkable energy. 

County Clare, Ireland.

All going well, I will be putting my house on the market in May 2017. I know this seems a long time ahead, but I have a lot to plan - most importantly next years workshops. As you are probably aware, we self employed tutors are always booking at least 12 months ahead if not 24. For long haul teaching it is 3 years!!! 
I am very excited about moving, I should be able to buy a decent sized house with outbuildings. My plan is to set up a studio over there. As time is fast marching on, if I don't start taking my work more seriously - it just wont happen. With my 60th birthday looming in November, it tends to focus you. 
If not now? WHEN???
I will still teach in the UK and of course I will be doing the shows, so I will be over to the UK every 6 - 8 weeks to teach and see my family.

 The changing light at Strandhill - one minute dark . . 

  . . the next light.

Keel Beach on Achill Island.

I need a change - so this is it!! 

x x x

This weekend we will be setting up the Craft, Hobby & Stitch International Show at the NEC in Birmingham. This is a trade only show - not open to the public. 
I will running the retailer workshops for what is now Vlieseline. Vilene is re-branding. It is only Vilene in the UK and it has been decided to drop the Vilene logo and go with the European Vlieseline. A bit like Jif and Cif!!! 

There is a fabulous new website with videos and patterns and all kinds of useful information. www.vlieseline.com

After that it is a downhill race to my exhibition, People & Places with Susan Chapman at The Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch Show, again at the NEC in March. 
AArrgghhh!!! Breath Kim, it will be fine!

x x x

Hello Diana, not long now, Jill, will see you even sooner, Tod - I will ring eventually - and Hello to the lovely Denise.




  1. I hope you will be doing a workshop locally at some point please! Did the design to music go off the diary?

  2. Hello twinkle, don't panic. It's over on the right hand side of the blog in the diary - August 22nd - 26th at the Bridge. It would be great see you there, I love this workshop. x x x

  3. Congratulations on the big decision Kim . . . I guess your question "If not now when?" is why I left the paid workforce.

    1. It has to be done - it's a tad risky, but Hey!! if you don't try, you will never know. x

  4. What a brilliant decision! Your posts in Ireland ooze contentment so it is obviously right for you. Lots and lots of luck xx

    1. Thank you my lovely - its well over a year away, but these things take time . . . see you soon.
      x x x x x x

    2. I know, first the big decision then sorting, then collywobbles, determination,selling, collywobbles, buying etc etc. It's bad enough on a short timescale. Must be a nightmare with all your time tabling. Stay strong it's only a hop on the plane xxx


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