New Zealand - The North Island, part the second

A detail of 'Off the Floor' by Gael O'Donnell.

So - here I am in Palmerston North teaching at the Quilt Sympossium. It is easily the largest event I have ever been involved in and it is running like clockwork. The organisation required in an event such as this is mind boggling.
There are 32 tutors and around 1200 students - amazing.

Yesterday we were setting up our classrooms and also had a chance to get a good look at the fabulous exhibition - Growing the Passion. As most of you will know I am not passionately interested in quilting, I admire the craft but  . . . 
However, the quilts on show were just fantastic. A fabulous array of different styles and such skill - it was very interesting to see the variety.

Here are my favourites . . .

'Off the Floor' by Gael O'Donnell.

'Is it Art?' by Melanie Martin - my favourite.

'Nightwatch' by Anna Prussing.

'My Kind of Garden' by Sheryl Anicich.

You are greeted at the entrance by a quilt bombed car - that's new on on me! As you can imagine it was the cause of much merriment and many photographs. A great idea.

A quilt bombed car!!! Not seen that before . . .

A remarkable goody bag for all 32 tutors.

There were even chocolate buttons and scissors and quilt blocks and . . .

I have taught at several residential Forums, Festivals and Art Schools in the Antipodes now - but never have I been given a goody bag on arrival. And SUCH a goody bag - it even had a bottle of wine in it - am just having a glass as I write this post - Cheers!!!

Today was my first of 5 one day workshops. A New Starting Point, my newspaper based workshop.

 My group of gorgeous girlies - we did have good laugh today.

 It was VERY hot today, 28 degrees and very humid - not good for teaching - or learning. Luckily I am in a room with 2 doors - one at either end and windows that open. We had a through draft most of the day - but Blimey it was HOT!!

 We layered Bondaweb/Vliesofix with painted newspaper.

The layered papers were decorated with the usual suspects, gilding flake, transfer foils, glitter and all manner of sparkle.

 It was good to see this old Bernina 1130 amongst all the new, plastic computerised jobs!!! You know much I adore these old work horses.

This workshop also includes making faux chenille with newspaper . . . 


We also printed onto the torn and layered backgrounds . . . . 

This was printed . . . . 

 And then the prints were highlighted with stitch.

This layered sample was used as a background for some fee machine embroidery - Fabulous!

The group worked very hard and produced some fabulous samples - it was great way to start my run of workshops, let's hope they are all as successful . . . .

Tomorrow I am teaching my transfer print workshop and in the evening we have our Gala Dinner where each tutor hosts a table - I do hope the students at my table aren't dissappointed when they end up with me rather than one of the very famous quilters we have teaching here - watch this space!!!

I will try to write another post before I leave for the South Island and all my mates down there - I am very much looking forward to seeing them again. I haven't seen them since - April! 
While I am here I will be sorting a 6 week visit in 2017 with workshop planned for both islands.

I hope you are all coping with the cold weather in the UK - take it steady and no sliding on the pavements.

x x x 


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