Reclaimed Papers at Art Van Go November 11th & 12th

 A very sensitive and subtle piece. This would make a beautiful cover for a tall night light/candle holder. You would just need to stitch a back seam to create a tube. 
(Decovil 1 iron on interfacing, colourwashed with paper additions.)

So, a busy week this week . . . . 
Tuesday and Wednesday I was teaching a 2 day workshop at Art Van Go - Reclaimed Papers. It is great fun - you don't have to make anything that looks like anything - it is a great process. Just tearing and layering.

 The group all cracking on.

I love teaching at Art Van Go It's a great space to teach in, plus I get to see Viv, Kevin and the team.
This was my last workshop this year - and is was fabulous. The group worked really hard, and Viv and Kevin were on great form.

Torn, painted newspapers torn and layered up with painted Bondaweb.

This process is featured in my book Reclaimed Textiles - it's called 'Pretties and Background'.
Once the papers have been layered up they are then ironed onto an interfacing. The thickness of the interfacing depends on what you want to do with your piece. If you want to stitch into the layered papers it can be stabilised with a lightweight iron-on such as Vilene F220 or H250. For firmer projects like book covers, then Decovil 1 or Decovil 1 light would be splendid - they feel like leather, gorgeous. If you want something even firmer - to make brooches and earrings - the S133 is what you need. Decovil and S133 can be found here -

More papers ironed onto Decovil 1.

Torn layered newspaper - just beautiful - who'd have thought newspaper could look sooooo good.

This book cover was acrylic waxed then stitched into - beautifully.

A detail of the book cover.

One of the students has an art based background and produced some very interesting work  . . . .

Playing about.

More considered play . . .

And more . . . .

 . .  and more!

There were several great book covers made -

All with some very splendid stitch.

I will be teaching three workshops at Art Van Go next year - starting with my annual design workshop in June.

The current exhibition at Art Van Go is a collection of work by Margaret Nicholson. Her work consists of Or Nue, beading and metal threadwork. The exhibition is on until November 23rd. If you haven't seen this collection yet, I highly recommend it.
All the work was done AFTER Margaret was 65!!!!

Once this exhibition comes down, 'Made at Art Van Go' will be going up. As it's name suggests, the work show will have been made on one of the many workshops that Art Van Go run through out the year. it is a great idea and the work will be wonderful. While I was there this week, Janis showed the work that one of the students on my Transforming Transfer course had created. It is always good to see what students have done with work created on your course.

These divine purses have been made by Sharon Davis - aren't they delicious?

 . . . and these cuffs . . . . 

If you get a chance to see either or both of these exhibitions - you will not have had a wasted journey.


I am now up in Redditch teaching my two ExTex 3 groups, I will post about what we are up to after the weekend. I was told today that we already have 4 students enrolled on our next courses that start next June.
I have decided to move up here - I need to be able to offer more support to my current and ex students up here. I will be starting a new continuation course for past Experimental Textiles students next year - as well as timetabled courses.

I will be putting my house on the market when I come back from New Zealand in January  . . .  new beginnings . . . .

x x x


  1. I love your work,fantastic, perhalps I have the oportunity in the future make your course.congratlatons and God blasse you.Sumara


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