Tinkering with Tyvek - Foredown Tower 13th/14th July

Two scrumptious Tyvek corsages.

We had a great weekend at Foredown Tower, a small but perfectly formed group of five. It was a great luxury to have two days to play with Tyvek, normally it is just included as one of many products in a workshop. 

Tyvek is a very versatile product which responds well to heat. It can be heated and shaped while hot so Tyvek is great for making three dimensional objects such as bowls and beads. It can be ironed lightly between baking parchment to create beautiful textures and also distressed and shaped with a heat gun.

                           Some of the corsages made on the weekend.

This is Pip making a rather large bead . . .

She made a few more and created a  . . . hair ornament!!!!

Claire making one of many beads.

A selection of Val's beads - they would make great tassel heads.

The group eating the very delicious cake that Pip made for the group. A very chocolatey, gold frosted masterpiece.

Karen surveying the very 'tidy' tables - I do TRY to encourage the students not to 'nest' - but you can't help making a bit of a mess.

The group in full on bead and corsage making

We also layered Tyvek with polyester organza, machine stitched together and then zapped with a heat gun to reveal different layers of colour.

The group got carried away making bowls . . .

Pip creating a zapped edge on one of her bowls.

 Julie's cellophane bowl.

 One of Pip's Tyvek bowls.

Julie's Tyvek bowl with polyester adornments.
Pip's Tyvek bowl.

  Val's Tyvek bowl.

Claires three Tyvek bowls and a box.

As you can see we had a good time and the students worked hard, these images are just a sample of what the group produced.


I am now halfway through teaching a five day summer school again at Foredown Tower (Yes! I like teaching there) and will post about that over the weekend. 
I hope you are all enjoying this fabulous weather, isn't it amazing?

x x x


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