Zap! Pow! Slash! and Burn! Foredown Tower - part the third

 Orange painted Vilene Spunbond CS800 (the heaviest) decorated with painted Bondaweb and synthetic fabrics.

 The same sample zapped with a heat gun to create some fabulous lacy edges.

We had great fun playing with all the products on this course, learning which would zap and which would cut with a soldering iron. The heaviest weight Spunbond is great fun to 'cut' with the heat from a heat gun.


 This sample shows the Spunbond partly zapped before it is ripped apart. The idea is to almost cut through the fabric, just leaving a few strands, a kind of 'laddered' effect. Then you rip apart your work and the laddery bits seperate.

 A blue sample which was then zapped . . . .
  . . . and then ripped apart.
  . . and another one . .

  . . and another one . . (decorated with foiled Hot Spots!)

This is Earth Jewells - one of my vessels. It is five foot tall and has a wooden base. 
You can see the zapped edges of Spunbond that create beautiful layers. You can find this in my book Layered Textiles.
 This is the group starting to stitch their layers together

They layered Tyvek with polyester organza and Spunbond with polyester orgaza. The 'sandwiches' were then machine stitched together.

 It was good to see two Bernina 707's in the room - they just go on forever.

 The group heat gunning their work.

 Pip managed to get her layered Tyvek sample to curve up into a bowl shape.
The following samples are the Vilene Spunbond CS800 layered with polyester organza the stitched together.

 Because this process creates a very strong sample it can be considered very useful for bags, belts, the centre panel of corsets . . . all manner of things.

My next workshops at Fordown tower are -

June 8th & 9th
On the Surface
An opportunity for you to enjoy and explore all the techniques for surface decoration you have been wanting to try but haven’t yet found the time!
Create wonderful surfaces to stitch – or not!
Techniques will include – Hot Foiling, painted Bondaweb, Tyvek beads & more . . .


July 13th & 14th
Tinkering with Tyvek
One of the most exciting products to be used in textiles! We will paint it, layer it, stitch it, heat it & incorporate it with other synthetics to create fascinating textures, beads, vessels or sculptural forms. In the 2 days you will create at least 1 finished, stitched bowl.

There are still places left on both workshops so if you want to come and party go to if the booking form doesnt work, just email me.


So - I am now going to muck out my house, it is full of boxes and bags from the various shows that all need sorting through, and putting all the contents in the correct place!!! I know that NONE of you ever leave your bags unpacked from workshops . . . . 

I'm off to the Andover Guild on Saturday to spread joy and happiness and deliver a workshop entitled Hot, new jewelled surfaces. Should be fun . . .  x

Hello Jill and HELLO!!!! Swansea. I miss my girls from the valleys - it was odd being back at Excel where we first met - sigh . . .


  1. Hallo Kim Thittichai,
    your blog is so great and the examples you show are really interesting. I am very happy, that I will make a workshop with you in Karlsruhe on the 28th of April.
    Looking forward to see you

  2. Oooh! Hello Gabriele, how exciting. I am very much looking forward to teaching in Germany. If you have a heat gun could you bring it with you?
    See you soon, Kim x

  3. Hello back, another lot of great samples. Not quite counting the days yet.... xx

  4. Hello Scrumptious!!! 97 sleeps . . . x x x x

  5. Hallo Kim,
    yes I have a heat gun and I bring it with me.
    See you soon! Gabriele

  6. Thanks Gabriele, it will be a big help. See you very soon, Kim x


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