Andover Embroiderers Guild - 20th April

 Two girls who are new to this malarky.

I spent a fabulous day with a group of great ladies from the Andover area yesterday. We were playing with painted Bondweb, Vilene Spunbond and two weights of pelmet Vilene. We tried zapping the Spunbond with heat guns as well but I wanted to show you what the group got up to with the soldering irons. They created some brilliant samples. There is plenty of zapping the previous post.

I use Margaret Beal's tried and tested way of working with ceramic flower pots for stands and wire wool in a cardboard tubes to clean the tips.
Bondaweb (unpainted) was ironed onto the back of three pieces of CS500 in three different colours. A fourth colour was chosen for the background.
A piece of black pelmet Vilene lite was then decorated with painted Bondaweb, foils, glitter and gilding flake. Unpainted Bondaweb was then ironed on the the back. It is important to leave the backing paper on the Bondaweb. You don't cut through it, it is a test to see if you are pressing too hard with the soldering iron.

 Shapes were then cut from the black pelmet Vilene lite and the three colours of Spunbond with the soldering irons and then lifted off and placed onto the chosen background.

  Once all the shapes have been cut, the pieces can then be arranged and ironed into place. It is an interesting exercise on composition and use of colour.

 Here are twelve of the finished samples, I seem to have forgotten to take photos of two - apologies.


Aren't they FAB?

Some of you will know that I have been having trouble with my words after having shingles last year and having the lovely neuralgia the comes after you think you are clear. It can be interesting when I deliver lectures. Yesterday was a classic, I was trying to find the word 'gekko' and came out with 'gherkin' - not quite the same . . .  The group were very understanding, once they had finished laughing!!!

I had a great day and a clear run home, thank you ladies. 


I am now in full panic mode trying to get ready for the Nadelwelt show in Germany, luckily BA don't weigh hand luggage. Have just checked the weather forcast and it looks as though it's going to be 25 - 27 degrees. At least I can take lighter clothes. I am having to take my heat guns with me (plus adaptors) and have had to ask my Sunday workshop students to bring their own if they have them. I only have seven and there are fourteen in the class.

I will try to post if I can find free wifi - if not, see you on the 30th. 
Have a great week. 

x x x


  1. As one of the 'new girls', I had a wonderful day. I loved your teaching style: it gave me a real sense of purpose. I have acquired some gilding flakes and now I'm scavenging around for a soldering iron. Thank you, thank you!

  2. Hello lovely, Yes! it was a good day. You were a great group. I am pleased you found the day useful. Never forget how important 'play' is.
    Thanks for commenting again, I tried to publish your last one but it got corrupted.

    Thanks for getting touch. Let me know how you get on. x


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