A little chilly . . .

Even my fish sculpture is covered in snow.

It started snowing last Friday at about 8am, by 9am I was in my local Asda supermarket, not so much panic buying as 'I'm going to be stuck in the house for a while' buying. I have lived in Brighton for thirty odd years now, and only in the last three winters have we had so much snow. It was unusual as we are close to the sea and apparently the salt in the air stops the snow - not any more.
We had about five inches the first day and then three more inches the next day. Living on top of hill I get trapped as soon as the buses stop running up our roadHaving been caught out with very little food last year, as soon as it started to snow, I was off to do 'the big shop'.
I was not alone - by 9.30am the queues were six people deep. It was like Christmas all over again. Everyone else obviously got stuck in their houses as well last year.

We still have loads of snow but most of us in Brighton can get out and about now, some of the side roads are still treacherous and as for the pavements . . . . I know many of you further up country are suffering great hardship and I can only hope you are coping with what the weather has thrown at you. Whilst the snow is very beautiful it can be so dangerous.

 More brooches that will eventually find their way onto Etsy.

My time being stuck at home has not been wasted. I have been making more jewellery and I have finally finished the manuscript for my fourth book. I have also had time to do something I have been meaning to do for two years. Clear out my cutting room and sort out all my scraps, both from my teaching and nid-noi.com. So - I will have 'scrap packs' at all the shows as long as stocks last.
The shows start in Manchester at Event City 7th - 9th February. This is a new show and will be very exciting. I will be giving a lecture every day at 11.30am about my new newspaper workshop.

 Hot Spots! cut to a gekko shape, ironed onto black cotton and then decorated with heat transfer foil and sequins.

Two products have been flying out (when I can get to the post office) of www.nid-noi.com since the beginning of the year. I can't work out why these two in particular, I am not aware of any articles in any magazines. I have had to order more Hot Spots in from Germany. I thought I had enough to last until the end of the shows in April, but no. A good problem to have but I have to order 100m at a time - gulp! 
I can understand the Hot Spots! being popular over Christmas because of the sparkly nature of the foil used to decorate them, but now? Admittedly a few schools have ordered ready for the beginning of term, but I am still surprised.

The other product that has been flying out is Solufleece. I can only think that by stocking the new Solufix it has reminded everyone about the Solufleece.
Luckily I have plenty of stock as my deliveries have been managing to get through this week. No one has had to wait toooo long for their order.
Newspaper, layered and stitched with Solufleece and Bondaweb (off the backing paper) and then steamed to create this fabulous effect.

January is my time for planning the whole year and checking I have all the booking forms for Guild workshops. I also have most of 2014 in place as I have some long haul trips planned next year so am also starting to plan these. It is amazing how far in advance it is necessary to plan.

I still have a lot of organising and making up of samples for the Vilene retailer workshops at the trade show Craft, Hobby and Stitch International next month and the workshops for the Vilene Workshop at Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch in March. At the end of April I will be off to Germany to teach at Nadelwelt Karlsruhe - A quilt show!!! I'm not going to be bored am I?

One of the great things about travelling around the country is being able to catch up friends I don't see often enough. Dionne Swift is such a friend, our stands are next door but one to each other at the Manchester show, the last time we saw each other was in Australia last April - crazy isn't it?


I will post again next week when I have my play on a laser cutter - I can't wait!

Keep warm.

Hi Jill, eleven sleeps to go till I stay with you and your poor husband. The poor man won't know what's hit him! Yeeha! I can't wait to see you.


  1. Hohoho, I won't show him that he's already a bit twitchy (not really) he's so laid back he's almost vertical on the floor most of the time. Headphones are a wonderful thing if he doesn't want to listen! I only have to see my year 9 one more time before I see you, that must be good....

  2. . . we are going to have such fun . . . x x x

  3. We are on the top of a mountain and the snow has been horrendous!! Pretty though, as you say....

    Hope you had a great Christmas ...

    ...and wishing you the very best for 2013!!

    See you in March

    x C

  4. Hey gorgeous, I'm sorry you are having such a bad time of it. I hope you managed to get enough supplies in in time? Had a fab Christmas and New Year thanks as I hope you did too.

    Am looking forward to a busy 2013 and am very much looking forward to see you at F,E,and S in March. You will no doubt have created some FABULOUS work, you are such a clever girl.

    Happy New Year to you both and I hope the weather is kinder to you very soon.
    x x x x


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