ExTex 6th Weekend - 2nd day, transfer printing with disperse dyes.

A lovely print by Jo.

A few days later - I was going to continue this sooner but preparations for the photo shoot next week and my teaching this weekend at Foredown Tower just sucked time away - plus I have a new distraction . . . 

My ExTex students produced some fabulous prints on our disperse dye/transfer print day. If you are not sure how to create these prints there is a chapter in Hot Textiles (Colouring your fabric) that will help. 

The three prints below show some experiments with cutting and printing.

A simple print showing how translucent the prints are. This print was created by printing with two different paper bags, first one, then the other.

The six prints below show how using resists such as grasses and feathers can create very beautiful and simple effects. You can then turn over the resist (which is covered in dye) and then take a print from that..

Torn strips of dye painted paper over printed.

Two fabulous prints on polyester satin.

Emma started to build up layers using transfer printed fabrics and her procion dyed fabrics from the day before.

Cut and torn papers printed onto polyester satin.

The girls using soldering irons to cut the prints (that have Bondaweb ironed on the back) and then ironing the cut shapes onto a transfer printed backgound.

One of Claire's lovely applique pieces.

 . . and one of Sally's - that I very nearly ruined - arrghHHH!!!!

We had a wonderful weekend of colour and also managed to have great fun, they are brilliant group. I will be back in Redditch in a couple of weeks.


I have just finished teaching my 'Creating original designs' weekend at Foredown Tower. Some great work was produced and I would like to say I will show you tomorrow but as the shoot for my next book is on Wednesday I suspect it wont be until Thursday. I have a lot left to do. . . . 

 I hope you all had a FAB weekend 



  1. Lovely work Kim and lots of inspiration - thank you

  2. Thank you Lin - if you are on Facebook have a look at some of their work . . . . x



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