Bonded and bejeweled newspaper for stitch at Foredown Tower - part 2

A square of orange painted Bondaweb ironed onto space dyed fabric which has then been decorated with strips of newspaper, foil and glitter.

So - to part 2 of this post featuring the work using fabric as a background rather than newspaper. All the pieces have been created by experimenting with layering up different types of decoration and with the idea of making surfaces on which to stitch at a later date. The metallic paints we used were Colourful Thoughts mixed media paints from Craftynotions the gilding flake is also from them. The paints were watered down by half with water to paint the Bondaweb and they still retained a high metallic effect - Fab!

This was an interesting piece that just used painted Bondaweb to great effect.

Another simple sample using painted Bondaweb and gilding flake.

Painted Bondaweb with gilding flake and feathers.

These torn skeleton leaves seem to be floating around the painted Bondaweb, this piece is just crying out for stitch.

 Dried hydrangea flowers ironed onto painted Bondaweb.

 More hydrangea flowers along with torn strips of newspaper ironed onto painted Bondaweb.

Strips of painted Bondaweb decorated with skeleton leaves and gilding flake on space dyed fabric.

The samples below all show torn strips of painted Bondaweb ironed onto black sew in interfacing and then decorated with foil and gilding flake


This is just a selection of the samples that were created on the day. It was wonderful just to play.
I will be back at Foreown Tower on the 10th of July teaching the same course. It will be inters ting to see what will be produced - will the work be similar - or not? I think there are still 2 places left.


I've just got back from a night out with one of my mates, we had tapas in Brighton. It was crazy - we sat outside on the terrace huddled up in our coats and enjoying the heat from those triffid-like contraptions. July - HUH!!!!!



  1. Just bought you two newer books, but I think I will have to have a play before they make their way to australia, lol, looking forward to the next post!

  2. Thanks Vicki, the books were posted today so hopefully you will get them in the next 2 weeks!!! Enjoy. x


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