ExTex - the second day

 A section across ' The Journeys' hanging on the wall

Sunday saw the second day of my new course Experimental Textiles www.experimentaltextiles.com and the group of eight intrepid students were getting used to each other. I say intrepid because these students don't really know what the end of the course will bring - neither do I! 

The whole point of the course is to work through various basic exercises that any one can do but never have/take the time to do, along with good support, some exciting and original work will be created for the end of year show. It takes quite a leap of faith for students to sign up for this kind of course. I am only taking eight students each year. Eight is enough for a group to 'bond' and small enough for me to have time to work with each student individually. This will be a great treat for me - I'm not sure about the students!!!

I have chosen IDC at The Old Needle Works IDC/The Old Needle Works as the place to run the course as it is in the middle of the country, well served by road, rail and bus, and is run by Brenda Killigrew, a very good friend who understands what I am trying to do and has just the facilities I need - the space to create.

Some of 'The Journeys' hanging on the wall. When they are hung together they look as though they are one large design.

Another section across the journeys. It is great fun isolating designs.

My intrepid explorers taking sections and try different 2 way combinations.

 The 'flipping out' exercise.

A section taken from the exercise above and one colour painted in.

 In these two photos you can see the sections that have been traced and then 'flipped and mirrored'. These exercise can easily be performed on the computer but that doesn't help your design skills. It the taking the time and working and playing with the designs where the brain has time to relax and start to get ideas. The more machinery you use - the less your brain works and has the chance to go off on an idea.

Some of the designs painted up in two colourways. This is a great way to get to know your designs and also to experiment with mixing paints and colours.

We had a great couple of days together, I just hope the group weren't too tired after all their hard work. One of the students travels up from Tavistock in Devon and stays overnight - dedication indeed.
When we next meet we will be making printing blocks from this week-ends designs and printing onto paper and fabric. Lots of messy and colourful fun - Yeehaa!!!


I shall be teaching something very similar to this as a stand alone 3 day workshop Design, Inspiration and Interpretation at Art Van Go www.artvango.co.uk/workshops this week - Thursday - Saturday so prepare yourself for more design and colour - it's what we all need!

More of this soon - and who knows the sun may even shine and we can play in the Art Van Go garden . . . . . 



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