. . . more from Ballarat

 The ever popular newspaper faux chenille wrapped into a dinky little vessel.

This is going to be rather a long post, I haven't been able to get internet access for a while so I am still catching up. Tomorrow is the last day of teaching in The Blue Mountains and I haven't finished raving about last week yet . . . .

The course at Ballarat was 3d based, we used several different types of interfacing, both sew-in and iron-on. The classic pelmet Vilene sew-in interfacing was used as a support for the newspaper faux chenille. It helps stop you cutting right through the final layer.

 This lovely sample of newspaper faux chenille just used black, white, red and silver and looked stunning
 This rather fab piece of newspaper faux chenille was mounted on an old rusty dustbin lid that was found lurking around . . .

 This was originally one piece of faux chenille that was cut into six and then turned to create the above

 Catching the 'furrows' of faux chenille and stutching them in one direction

 A wonderful 3d masterpiece created from sew-in interfacing and Vilene Spunbond CS800

 A 'sea cabbage' created from heat gunning Vilene Spunbond CS500 and CS800

 A simple but beautiful sample of painted Bondaweb decorated with a grass seed and various bits of fluff pulled from a heavy, thick thread.

 A fabulous sample of bonded newspaper decorated with stitch

 A simple landscape using painted Bondaweb and Vilene Spunbond CS800 and hand stitch

 These two delightful vessels were created the from the very heavy iron-on interfacing.

 This liitle cheeky chap was made from Viline Spunbond CS800 decorated with painted Bondaweb.

 This delicious little morsel was created by stitching into a small layered Tyvek sample - gorgeous!
  . .  and last but not least - classic sew-in interfacing decorated with painted Bondaweb and torn newspaper and made into a tower.

 The students final display

 Our final dinner together . . .

 . . . . . . and the lovely Nancy Geren who flew all the way from the States to Australia to do a course with me - what a star! Nancy was great fun and produced some fabulous work.

We had an amazing week at Ballarat - it was great to see Glenys and her team again and to work with so many wonderful tutors - including the lovely Dionne Swift from our own fair U.K and the fantastic Mary Hettmansperger and Dorothy Caldwell from the U.S.A.

I am flagging a bit so will finish now - have so much more to tell, will tell more when I have more time . . . . . 

x x x x x x


  1. SO glad to see that you're having such a great time!

    x C


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