Patchwork Professional Magazine

 The cover of Patchwork Professional Magazine

You can just picture it can't you - me sitting here at my computer in my bathrobe writing this with blue dye on my hair being incredibly excited about my second article to be published in a magazine - I feel so grown up!!!

Patchwork Professional is a very beautiful German magazine the promotes all kinds of quilt art and associated textile techniques and skills. This issue has featured me as an artist and a workshop on how to use my lovely Hot Spots!

I have been given permission to scan in the cover of the magazine and two of the pages from the article.
As they are scans they are not perfect but the images give you some idea. The shaggy newspaper pieces and the 'Blue Cross' image are based on the detritus that gets caught up in the steel work under our West Pier in Brighton.

The 4 foot vessel on the right is one of my pieces created from CS800 that has been dyed, zapped and layered.

The top image is a piece named 'Capstones' and is based on the wall capping stones on a dry stone wall in Devon. The colours of the rocks are SO amazing there. The wall piece is 7 foot wide and is constructed with Craft/Pelmet Vilene dyed and painted and cut to shape. The rock shapes were then machine stitched onto a firm black cotton background.

I have just sent off the next article that will be featured in the next issue of Patchwork Professional which is on - Bondaweb!!! Of course it is - it is the best product in the world.

I must go and wash the dye off my hair now . . . . 
I'm still very excited  . . . 



  1. I have bought the magazin and read it in the morning with coffee on my bed. I have problems with reading english and more with reading German. I love to see your work on your blog and in the magazins.

  2. Oh thank you.
    I can only read English but I think with the quality of the images and of the magazine in general you don't really need to be able to read the words. I am just happy to stroke the pages. It really is a stunning magazine. I am so proud to be in it.

    I hope to be part of the Nadelwelt show next year. Do you attend this show? x

  3. Congrats, it's a great honor. Love your work!

  4. Thank you very much Ineke, I am very excited! x x x

  5. Well done Kim. I shall get a copy next week when I'm in Switzerland - it's one of my favourite magazines.

    1. Thanks Irene
      I can see why it would be your favourite, it is a stunning magazine. x

  6. Congratulations, Kim ! That is VERY exciting news and well deserved. Not sure if we get that magazine here in the colonies??

    1. Thanks rt!
      The magazine is available from their website
      from thier online shop. Do you read German???
      Have a great weekend, x x x

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. well done you beautiful lady!!

    Thanks for the black stuff - it arrived yesterday morning....

    oh...and I've put you on my Leibster list...on my latest blog post....

    Hope you don't mind? :-)

    1. Thank you and thank you my angel - so we are both in print this month - Yeehaa!!! there is no stopping us now . . . . see you soon tablespoon! x x x


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