On giving in - not giving up!

Can you identify the packaging?

There are times when you just have to give in - and having shingles is one of them. I had no idea it was so debilitating and so vicious - or that it would last for so long. I have heard the horror stories, 2 friends of mine have had it recently, 1 on the bra line and 1 on the unmentionables but I guess until you have it yourself you can't understand what it is like.
I am lucky I got the anti viral drugs early enough and I am starting to feel better, there is less pain everyday but the rash and blisters are still spreading, but more slowly now. I may have to design myself a stunning yashmak if they don't start to clear up soon - but I can't go anywhere or see anyone as I am still contagious - I feel as though I should have a bell to ring . . . . . 

This will pass - I have to remember this is just one tiny part of my life and there are far worse worse things (though on Friday morning at 6am I would have disputed that). The recovery is obviously going take a long time and because of this I have had to cancel my 2 workshops at Foredown Tower this week. Even if the blisters had gone - which is unlikely - I still wouldn't have the energy to teach. I am still having to sleep during the day as well as at night. This is one thing I can't sort out through sheer force of personality.

You must recognise this one???

The illness has thrown up an interesting question which I regularly pontificate about when asked - " how do you keep being creative when you are feeling low - whether through grief or illness"?
My, has it been put to the test in the past few days!!!! My theory has always been that as you start to feel brighter in yourself, to just play with materials, not have any pressure on what you are going to do at the end of it. The ideas will come eventually as you work through your basic processes. My recipe seems to be mindless layering. I can't manage my heat press at the moment but I can use the iron for 30 mins or so.

So it's back to what I feel most comfortable with - heat, food packaging, painted Bondaweb and of course - newspaper.

I am working on very small samples 5" square, they are less threatening that size! While I was layering on this scale I remembered some tiny printing blocks I had bought in Sydney Museum when I was last there and of course have not thought about since. So tomorrows exercise will be to print onto my small samples with tiny printing blocks.

The blocks are no more than 1" square and are hand carved.

I have no idea what it will look like - but if you don't try . . . . . . 


My thanks to all of you who have emailed and sent messages. Many of whom I have never met. It is through friends, family and the kindness of strangers that we are able to keep going - I know that sounds soppy - but it's true!

More tomorrow if I can find the energy to lift the iron and the printing blocks . . . . . "How are the mighty fallen"!!!!!



  1. Replies
    1. it is indeed my angel - don't forget those items I asked for - we are on!!!! x

  2. wishing you a speedy recovery Kim, love the smartie flower and is the other one a magnum, would it be rude to ask where you got the packaging, Im sure you didnt indulge yourself, LOL . . best wishes

    1. Thanks Siobhan, It would not be rude to ask, but I think I may be eating less as chocolate has argenine in it and it is not good for shingles, the same goes for Vodka - aaRRGHH!!!! x x x x

  3. Mighty...yes. Fallen...never. Unless it is in the category of 'fallen woman', in which case you can join me.

    1. Bless you Jen! you know what it's like, one minute you feel invincible - the next
      you are flat on your back . . . and not in THAT way!!!!! love you, x x x x

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  5. Hi Kim, The first pretty flower is a package of Smarties, I think. I do not recognize the greeny gold one. Maybe it is only in the UK? Anyway, I am SOOO glad to hear that you got the meds in time and that progress, however slow, IS being made. DO NOT PUSH YOURSELF!That is the best Canadian advice you will get today! Take your time and take it easy. You will not regret it but you will regret NOT doing it, I promise!Take care and stay positive!xx

    1. Hello rtquilter,
      You are quite right about the Smarties, it is the wrapping from the 'fun size' boxes that you buy thinking you will eat less!
      The second one is an almond Magnum ice cream wrapper. Such wonderful metallic colours.
      Thank you for your kind words. I will be taking it very steady, I don't seem to have very much choice. x x x

  6. Hi Kim - I have just finished reading a blog (somewhere on the net) about the benefits of Coconut oil applied to the rash/blisters etc. You may want to try it. Hope you feel better real soon - Esther, NZ

  7. Thank you Esther,
    I have also been wondering about the benefits of emu oil and also rhus tox but I think I need to see a professional for guidance. I could do myself more harm than good. I will let you know what is recomended when I see a homeopath this week. x x x

  8. Sometimes giving in is the best way and shingles is definitely one of those times. It generally comes at a time when you are already worn down so the forced rest is probably all to the good. I'm pleased for you that you got the anti-virals early because it can be a real pig when you get it in the head as you have (no doubt you don't need me to say that) My Dad had it many years ago and was really ill, just trying to cheer yo up here ;-) I'm impressed that you're managing some creativity and I do hope you'll be back to your usual self very soon. (You don't know me either lol)

  9. Thank you Julie, I appreciate the support. Having been on my own since Wednesday with just the internet and the phone to contact people I am grateful to all of you for getting in touch.

    It is obviously time I slowed down and will be taking more care to pace myself in future. I am obviously not as invincible as I thought
    x x x

  10. Been out of action myself for a few days so didn't realise you were so poorly. Must have been something in the air at the NEC! Get well soon lovey!

    1. I'm sorry you are feeling rough too my lovely - as you say, it must be the NEC!!! x x x

  11. Oh yum...... Smarties and Magnum - what we do in the name of art!!! lol Do hope you feel better soon Kim - I know what it's like having had shingles twice now..... a nightmare. Make sure your GP gives you the chilli cream when your blisters have healed as it helps enormously with the nerve pain.

    Wishing you better soon.


    Karen x

    1. Thank you Karen,
      Yep!!! Suffering is the word at the moment but I am feeling brighter everyday. MMmmmm!!! Chilli cream - could be interesting. x x x


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