Creative, colourful cards . . .

A collage of dyed newspaper, painted Bondaweb, transfer foil, net, machine stitch and a fab piece of squashed metal by Carolynn McMillan

Christmas is a great time to make and receive cards. I thought I would share two that I received - I just love them. Carlolynn McMillan lives in Canada and we have been emailing for a while trying to sort out which of the Pellon products in Canada and the U.S.A.are similar to the ones I sell. We have swapped parcels of goodies and I think I prefer all the 'pelmet' Vilene interfacings that I sell as they are smooth. The ones that Carolynn sent me are bit rough and pock marked. However I am sure there must be a larger range available so I will investigate. Carolynn also sent me some 'Reemay' which looks very similar to a fine to medium weight Vilene Spunbond. I need a chance to play with it to see if it reacts in the same way.
I am waiting to hear back from Carolynn to see what she thinks of all my samples . . . I posted mine a bit later than Carolynn did so my parcel will have got caught up in the festive post.

A collage of various papers with painted Bondaweb, print and machine stitch by Chris Gray

I met Chris Gray at The Festival Quilts this year and she has become a good friend. She dyes all her own threads and makes up fabulous kits for you to buy. Chris sent me this lovely card. I don't know how she finds the time as she is always so busy. Chris has a great blog that you might enjoy  I will be running the Vilene Workshop again this year at The Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch Show at the end of March and Chris will be one of the tutors offering workshops.


I'm off on Friday to stay with my matey Brenda in Spain for the New Year. (Brenda is the owner of Castanea - Crafts in Spain where I will be teaching in October - While I am there we will be going to the Alhambra Palace in Granda - I am SO excited, I have always wanted to get there. I will be away for just over a week, back in time to post any orders that have come in before I dash off to teach at Denman on the 9th January. I wonder what my next post will be about . . . ???

Before I go I have just a bit more washing up to do . . . . a bit more clearing up after the hoards have left - then I can fly away . . . . 


wishing you all a very Happy, Peaceful and Creative New Year,

x x x


  1. I wish you also a happy and creative 2012! I love your blog, but english is for me a little bit difficult to translate.
    You must see the Alhambra, it is beautifull!!!

  2. Thank you very much. I am SO looking forward to seeing the Alhambra. I am VERY excited. Have you tried Google translation? x x x

    Tak meget. Jeg er så ser frem til at se Alhambra. Jeg am VERY spændt. Har du prøvet Google oversættelse?

    Vielen Dank. Ich freue mich so zu sehen, die Alhambra. Ich amVERY aufgeregt. Haben Sie versucht, Google-Übersetzung?

  3. . . or
    Heel hartelijk bedankt. Ik ben zo benieuwd naar het Alhambra. Ik ben erg opgewonden. Heb je geprobeerd Google vertaling? x x x


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