Bondaweb . . and Cake!

It's all happening this week - and it's all Bondaweb!!! I have written an article on painting and decorating Bondaweb for Stitch Magazine which is out NOW!!

Painted Bondaweb - simple and stunning

Painted  Bondaweb decorated with heat transfer foils, sequins, glitter and artichoke heart seeds. Finished off with my usual very delicate hand stitch - not!

If you enjoy reading the article in Stitch and want to learn more, then my new DVD Creative Bondaweb will be out on the 1st December (hopefully).
Click on this link for a sneaky preview - 

If you order before the 1st December you can buy the DVD for £18 including worldwide postage. After the 1st December it will be £22 including worldwide postage. (Please note, if you order any other products from then postage will be applied)

and - not only but also . . . I have a workshop on printed Bondaweb in the December issue of Workshop on the Web It is a mere £15.50 to subscribe to this quarterly web 'magazine'. Fantastic value for great workshops.


I AM a Domestic Goddess!!!!!
The Open Houses started this weekend and we had loads of regular visitors plus several new faces. It is always a worry as to whether anyone will turn up - but they do. I am so far off the beaten track that only the very intrepid explorers find us. Luckily we have a reputation as a welcoming, warm and slightly bonkers house and news seems to be travelling fast. I think this is our 4th Christmas Open House. If you are interested have a look at our website -
It is a chance for me to bake - not something I do very often as regular readers of this blog will know! It makes a welcome change for me to use a different kind of heat tool - an oven!!! I have mastered the basic Victoria sandwich now with several variations - here we have -

Toasted flaked almond and dessicated coconut with butter cream

The Favourite - home made strawberry jam and butter cream

I also made cheese scones and mince pies - my goodness, wonders will never cease! It is great fun serving tea and cake and chatting to my visitors - they are always so interesting.


Back to work now, has gone mad, I think all the promotion for the DVD has driven new orders, which a great, but there are lot to get out today so I must get on with it. Those of you who have ordered the DVD already, as soon as I have my hot little hands on them - so will you. I am hoping the delivery will arrive on the 1st December . . .

Happy Monday everyone!



  1. Hi Kim... I can't believe that I didn't know about your blog! Congratulations on the Stitch article and I'm glad the Open House went well.

  2. Ahh! Thank you Gina, we have 2 more weekends to go. It is so good to have a clean and tidy house for a change . . . . I hope the sales of your DVD are going well. It looks very exciting. x

  3. Saw your article in Stitch. It was wonderful! I'm doing an embroidery course and my homework last week was to paint bondaweb! Glad your Open Day went well. The cake looks yummy!

  4. Thank you Irene, if you need any more help have a look at the free video on the top left of the blog. (Decorated book cover).
    We are open for 2 more weekends so more baking will be required. I shall have to think of some new combinations.

    Have fun with your Bondaweb - it is such fun to work with. x


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