NEW Creative Bondaweb DVD

Harriet and Jamie Malden - the real stars of my new DVD

Well the filming of the new DVD took place in Amersham on the 13th. We had a great but very busy day. I had stayed overnight with Jamie on my way down from teaching in Redditch the day before so I was ready to rock and roll early.

The filming took place at the Colouricious Studio. You may be familiar with my previous outings on the Talking Threads series of DVD's. Jamie has already produced several DVD's all of which can be found here -  

I found it very difficult to sort out any kind of 'chapter' run. The film was to cover 10 uses of Bondaweb but so many of the proocesses cross over I couldn't get a clear idea of which order to show off this wonderful product. Luckily Jamie sorted out everything into a running order for me. Jamie makes a fabulous producer, she is very calming when you are feeling nervous and makes everything run smoothly. Her daughter, Harriet, was the 'runner' for the day - she was an absolute star. So helpful  . . and patient!!!

The film crew from Turtle Canyon Media were very patient with me and my nerves, they were very proffessional but good fun at the same time. Everything had to be timed so we couldn't muck about too much. I highly recomend them to work with, I haven't seen the film yet - but I know it will be good. 

A random selection of some of the projects covered on the DVD

Jamie's wonderful husband Ted created a beautiful lunch for all of us. The food was amazing, thank you Ted!!!

 The 3 blocks that I used in the film

The night before the filming I was putting some finishing touches onto a few of my samples (I always work right up to the last minute, I am a nightmare!).
I was still experimenting and wanted to try printing onto painted Bondaweb.
Jamie has a wonderful selection of wooden printing blocks that she sells here.

Jamie works with a village in India, helping them to support themselves through making this amazing range of beautiful wooden printing blocks.

I was so pleased with the effect of the printing on that I am going to use it for the project I am currently working on for Workshop on the Web.

fishy prints on painted Bondaweb

I printed off my block onto newspaper as well as Bondaweb

Have I ever mentioned I love newspaper??

So now we wait for the edited film - We hope the DVD will be ready mid November. It's all very exciting.

I'm now going to carry on with my project for WOW it has to be in tomorrow. It is so good to be home and to have a chance to play . . . . . 



  1. Love this Kim. I've never painted Bondaweb, so I'm going to have a go.

  2. Oh you will have fun!! Just make sure you water the paint down. As a rule water down arylics by half. You need to be able to see the white of the backing paper through the paint. It takes ages to dry - but it's worth it. Use a 2" soft decorators paint so the colours merge. If you know anyone with a copy of Hot Textiles there is a chapter on Bondaweb. Make sure you iron it on with baking parchment underneath and on the top.
    have fun! x

  3. . . . and wait for it to cool down before you peel the baking parchment off. x

  4. Thanks Kim! I must get your book Hot Textiles.

  5. Kim, I really enjoyed watching excerpts from your video on the Colouricious newsletter. Some wonderful ideas to try. I especially love the printing onto painted Bondaweb. I'm sitting looking out at 6 inches of snow, the perfect excuse not to go anywhere, but to spend the day playing! Thanks for sharing your great ideas.


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