Marlborough and Disrtict Embroiderers Guild 5th - 7th September Scrumptious Spunbond

Here I am back home again sitting in a sea of mess and carnage . . . .  I MUST tidy up my house!!! I seem to have been teaching and travelling for months - I now have over a week at home - Whhopppeeeee!!! I have a huge amount to catch up with but if I work steadily at the list, I should get to the bottom of it by the time I leave for the Exeter show. One thing I must do is buy a new washing machine - sigh! The joys of domesticity . . .

I was booked to deliver a lecture on Monday afternoon and a one day Scrumptious Spunbond workshop on the Tuesday. There was such a long waiting list for the workshop that we had to arrange an extra workshop for the next day.

I had a rather traumatic start to my trip to Marlborough - no car!!!! Luckily the A.A. man pointed out that I had hire car cover on my policy - why do I always panic and not think clearly???? it was a bit of a rush getting to the car hire place in time on Monday morning to collect the (much smaller car than my Volvo estate) load the much smaller car and get to Marlborough in time to set up for my lecture.

Luckily I had a smooth journey, I decided not to go via the M25 and go via the M27 which was clear for a change. I arrived and was immediately in the safe hands of the very wonderful Stella. What a Superstar she is. I was set up for the lecture in no time and the car was unloaded by many helpful handmaidens . . . . The Marlborough Guild are a joy to work with. Very organised, very helpful and very friendly. I was impressed with their set up. Everyone carried out their allotted tasks with great humour. They obviously have a strong, active and cheerful committee.

The first Scrumptious Spunbond workshop was held in Kennet Valley Hall. A lovely large airy room with beautiful views across fields. We had a great day painting the Spunbond, ironing Bondaweb on the back and then cutting shapes with a soldering iron and ironing them onto more Spunbond

 Some of the great samples that were created on the first workshop using the pre-dyed Vilene Spunbond CS500.

I don't know the name or even where the hall was that we used for the next day, it was out in the country and I followed Ann who had looked after me the night before. Ann and her family were great hosts and her sons were particularly helpful as I was trying to set up Facebook pages while I was there. We had an hysterical evening with me trying desperately to find some 'friends'. I will remember that evening every time a new 'freind' accepts me on Facebook. We had SUCH a fun evening.
the painted Vilene Spunbond drying on the line ready to use in the afternoon

a smaller hall for the second workshop but very well equipped, well done the wonderful Stella for being able to book it at short notice

One of the exercises was to learn how to create 'zapped' edges on the Spunbond with a heat gun.
Pre-dyed Vilene Spunbond was used to achieve this lovely 'frothy' effect.

another was to decorate painted Bondaweb ironed onto the Spunbond and then zap with a heat gun

more shapes cut with a soldering iron and bonded onto a background of heavier weight Spunbond

While we were waiting for the Spunbond to dry I gave the students some of my pre-dyed Vilene Spunbond CS500 to play with. It is great for overlaying and bonding giving a beautiful translucent effect. Packs of all 7 colours are available from

It was very tempting to ring a certain gentleman on my way home through the Portsmouth area for a chat and a catch up, but wasn't sure of the reception I would get - so didn't . . . .  x

I am now home preparing for the Exeter show /  and working through THAT list . . . . . .  



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