. . even MORE newspaper!

 The 'crashed' newspaper, Bondaweb and Solufleece

What! not MORE newspaper - Yep!!! I'm afraid so . . . .

I have had a chance to catch up with some work and try some samples I have been wanting to play with. Today's task was to try 'crashing' newspaper with Solufleece. I do it all time with fabrics.
(For step by step photos and full instructions go to the Solufleece page on www.nid-noi.com)

To crash fabric or newspaper you need to layer from the bottom up - 
1 layer of Solufleece, 
2 layers of Bondaweb off the baking paper
your top fabric/newspaper

Layer everything up and stitch 'tram lines' about the width of the foot of your sewing machine apart through all 4 layers. You can experiment with different widths and maybe trying wavy lines once you have done your first sample.

Being VERY careful not to burn yourself in your excitement - Steam your sample until it shrinks up or 'crashes'. This can be done with a steam iron but do NOT touch the sample with the iron, just hover it over your work.

I love this - it is the continuing story of my love affair with newspaper - poor sad old girl . . . !
Solufleece is a fantastic product - it is also an excellent water soluble machine embroidery stabiliser.

I'm off to print on some newspaper faux chenille now - ready for my workshop at Bobby Britnell's beautiful workshop in Shropshire  
Yeehaa!!!  We are going to have SUCH fun . . . . 


Once I have done my print samples I must start getting ready for the Exeter show, I leave on Wednesday morning and at the moment I don't have a car - aaRRGHH!!! My trusty Volvo is having some work done on it and the parts have only just arrived. I am driving around in a loan car lent by my lovely mechanic - a red Nissan Micra!!! it just about moves with me in it. I am praying my car will be ready in time - they never break down at a convenient time do they???
It is a wonderful car though - a true work horse. More later . . . 



  1. Fantastic effect, love what you are doing with the newspaper,
    hope you don't mind me mentioning the font on your blog is very tiny, very difficult for my old eyes to read your great blog :)

  2. Hi Carol, Thanks for your kind words, it's good to know someone is actually reading the blog. In future I will change the font to the next size up - let me know if it's O.K . . . . Kim x

  3. I do love your work very much and I just bought your newest book. Very interesting!!
    Gr. Ineke

  4. That's a brilliant effect, Kim! Love it! I agree with Carol about the font size... The content of your blog is fabulous though!


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