Inkberrow Design Centre - 3 One Day Workshops 21st - 23rd August

 one of the beautiful layered samples created on the Tinkering with Tyvek workshop

Last Saturday night saw me dashing up various motorways from Art Van Go in Knebworth to Inkberrow Design Centre in Redditch ready to start teaching on Sunday. I was booked to deliver 3 one day workshops - On the Surface, Tinkering with Tyvek and Transforming Transfers.
As I  have just posted about painted Bondaweb I will omit the images of the On the Surface workshop and go straight to the Tyvek. We had one of the best days working with Tyvek that I have ever had. 
I had a great group of students, some already attending the college and some were new to the 'Inkberrow Experience'. Brenda Killigrew who is the managing director of Inkberrow Design Centre and Castanea was around most of the time, popping in to check we were well supplied with coffee and biscuits. Brenda is a very good friend of mine and it was wonderful to get a chance to spend some time with her. But onto the Tyvek -
3 sheets of 75gm Tyvek layered with polyester organza, machine stitched together and then zapped with a heat gun to reveal different layers

another layered, stitched and zapped sample

The same sample - front and back. circles of Tyvek stitched together then ironed lightly for texture - Fab!

This lovely corsage was created by stitching together 3 circles of Tyvek in 3 different sizes in the centre and then zapped very carefully with a heat gun.

I saved the best til last - this amazing water lily was constructed by a young man named Sam - he is one of the youngest students I have taught for some time and he produced some very thoughtful and sensitive work. I am hoping that Sam will be enrolling on my new course at Inkberrow next year - no pressure Sam . . . . . 

Which brings me neatly to - 
I will be teaching a shortened form of my 4 year course Experimental Textiles at Inkberrow next year. This is the course that is featured in my second book of the same name. It was a very
popular course but there is no way I can even consider teaching a 4 year course now. I will be putting the finishing touches to the course this weekend and it will be published here  
over the next few days,.at the moment just the dates are up.

As most of you will know I really need more teaching - not!! But I have missed my regular teaching and Inkberrow is such a great venue, it seemed like a good idea . . . . . . . 

More tomorrow



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