New Workshop Update

 Extreme Surfaces for Stitch - Denman College  7th - 9th December
layers of Vilene Spunbond, Tyvek and polyester organza  machine stitched to pelmet Vilene and zapped with a heat gun

I have finally had word that my new book, Layered Textiles, will be delivered the first week of August. Much later than it was promised but at least I have a date. AARRGHHHH!!!! I do so hope it is worth the wait - I am still a bit concerned about what they have done with the cover. The anticipation is killing me  . . . . 


There have been a few changes with my Denman College workshops. Firstly the July workshop next year, Hot Textiles part 2, has been brought forward to January 9th - 11th. I have also added an extra workshop for Denman this year - December 7th - 9th Extreme Surfaces for Stitch. My courses are always fully booked at Denman with waiting lists - me teaching at the W.I. who would have thought??? It is a great place to teach and wonderfully relaxed place to be a student. Their website is being up dated at the moment so if you can't find what you need to on there, give them a ring.

Hot Textiles part 2 - January 9th - 11th
Vilene Spunbond layered with copper ribbon, machine stitched together and zapped with a heat gun


I'm off to help hang the new gallery I am involved with in Shoreham for
The launch is tomorrow and we are all very excited about it. I will take some photos today and do a quick post tomorrow. At some stage very soon I need to start thinking about what I need to take to the T.S.G. Summer School. I have a materials list as long as my arm and I leave on Sunday to drive up to Newport. It is going to be SO GOOD to be a student for a week, I am so looking forward to it.



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