Wey Valley Workshop - 4th February

I am a bit late posting this - time run away from me again (such a naughty boy!). The second layouts for the book arrived this week and needed to be checked which lost me 2 days, but it is looking good. It should all be finished and off to the printers in 2 weeks somewhere in the far east.
The longest process in all this book writing malarkey is the journey from the printers to the U.K. by tanker. It takes 3 months!!!!!! We are hoping it will be out and ready for the Festival of Quilts in August.

the lovely ladies of the Wey Valley Workshop busily working away

The Wey Valley Workshop are a group of ex City and Guilds students that meet up regularly for workshops and lectures. The group is well organised and seems to run like clock work. It was great fun working with them and everything ran smoothly. It was particularly good to see Liz Holford again. Liz was on my Experimental Textiles course for 3 years and I could always rely on her to help with any embroidery stitches I didn't know (which was most of them), she is the Queen of French Knots. I was booked to deliver a lecture in the morning and a 2 hour workshop in the afternoon. The group produced some fabulous samples in a very short time. Vilene Spunbond was the main product we were exploring, cut with a soldering iron and applied onto a pelmet/craft Vilene background with Bondaweb.

some fabulous samples

Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts
I am now dashing about trying to get ready to load the car for the Brighton show. It is of course pouring with rain . . . . . so I might wait a bit longer and make up some more Playpacks. 
If you are coming to the show it is at the Brighton Centre (on the seafront) and I will be on Stand no Z24 and I be will giving a lecture at 12 everyday. 

My good friend Brenda Killigrew will be staying with me as she also has a stand at Brighton promoting our Castanea workshops in Spain - so I suppose I had better go and get all the bedding sorted out. Luckily Brenda leads a busy life like me and understands the sea of mess that she will have to wade through to reach her bed!!!!!!! One day I will be organised! Still we should have good fun, we always do when we get together, we mustn't forget we are supposed to be working . . . . .

So - have a good weekend whatever you are doing, if you come to the show, do come and say Hello!


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