part the second . . .

Well we had a very full on week. My girls worked hard and produced some great samples - at least one of which will be in my next book. Here is a selection -

Liz Smith 1 -
Layers of Vilene Spunbond CS 500 Tyvek and polyester organza, machine stitched onto dyed craft Vilene in a flower pattern.
The layers were then zapped away with a heat gun and the rest taken away with a soldering iron. The beads for the stamen were added later to create a more three dimensional sample.
Craft Vilene is an excellent background for zapping onto as it doesn't distress with heat.

Liz Smith 2 - 
Strips of painted Vilene Spunbond CS 800 and 700 have been cut into wavy edges with a soldering iron and ironed on to painted Bondaweb. Liz wasn't keen on the colour combinations she ended up with but I think they work well together.

Marilyn 1 -
Layers of painted Bondaweb layered with Vilene Spunbond CS 800 and 700 that has been cut with a soldering iron have been ironed a piece of handmade paper. This was in turn applied to a piece of bark cloth using Bondaweb as the adhesive.

Marilyn 2 - 
Strips of coloured Vilene Spunbond CS 800 and 700 and polyester organza that had Bondaweb ironed onto the back; cut with a soldering iron and then applied onto three layers of Lutradur 70 which was in turn zapped around the edges to reveal the three different coloured layers.

Selma 1 -
I always like to encourage students to use the left over newspaper that we have been using in the workshop. This sample has been created by tearing the dyed and painted newspaper into strips and layering the strips up with painted Bondaweb. Scrim and silk fibres have been added for extra colour and texture and Selma has started to stitch her sample.

Selma 2 -
Layers of Tyvek and polyester organza machine stitched in rough spirals onto green dyed craft Vilene. This was then zapped back to reveal different layers and colours.

Sue Benn -
Strips of Vilene Spunbond CS 800 with Bondaweb on the back have been cut with soldering iron and then applied to another piece of Vilene Spunbond CS 800.
These similar samples show the effect that stitch can have on your work.The sample on the left has a uniform running stitch running along side of the shapes giving definition that enhance the design. The irregular herringbone stitch on the sample on the right tends to compete with the shapes.

Teresa -
75gm Tyvek was cut to shape with a soldering iron which was then lightly ironed onto painted Bondaweb which had been previously ironed onto dyed craft Vilene. The whole sample was then covered with a bronze coloured polyester organza which will protect the delicate Tyvek shapes. Teresa is now going to  machine stitch into this sample to define some of the larger shapes.

Vonnie (2 trollies) -
Several layers of Vilene Spunbond CS 800 and 700 cut to shape with a soldering iron layered with Bondaweb up on to craft Vilene to create a very luscious effect.

As you see from the samples the girls worked hard but also had a good time. As and when any of the samples are stitched into I hope to include them on this page.
That's it with teaching the summer schools - 3 in 3 weeks is quite enough. 

Now it's time for ME!!!
I'm off to Shropshire tomorrow to be a student on The Textile Study Group summer school and I CANT WAIT! I am SO excited - it is one of the highlights of my year. A whole week to catch up with friends and work really hard to develop some new work - watch this space! x


  1. ......every day I have to come here and look at the brilliant work we all did and get my fix....memories of summer school 2010. After our FAB 4 days I felt exhausted, satisfied and inspired, and a desparate need to plan my next venture into the 'new design and textiles' learning, but mainly to check Vonnie hasnt slipped a new video to Kim to post of us all..........
    Hope your time away learning in Shropshire was good Kim, and that your going to post some of your work for us to ohhh and arrrhh over......Will keep no pressure....xx

  2. It's brilliant to see what everyone got up to on the Hot textiles course, I wish I could have been there! I'm starting to do some of my own hot textiles at home...Charlotte


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