Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Experimental Textiles - the last session! 5th - 8th March

Work in progress from Kate.

Well - that's the third year of Experimental Textiles (the 9 month version) finished. The next round runs from June 2015 - March 2016. I love teaching the course in the IDC studios at The Old Needleworks in Redditch. It is a great venue, in the centre of the country and just off several major routes. There are several hotels close by for those of you that need to stay over. 

The one thing I don't enjoy at the end of the course - is the students leaving. However - there will now be a way of progressing on from Experimental Textiles, a student can be invited to join ExTeXtra. This will be run as an exhibiting group with me as a mentor. It will be run as a 5 weekend course running from July 2015 - March 2016. It is my hope it will continue after March next year - but we will have to see what happens, this is all very new.


 I am showing you details of the work in progress, I don't want to show the work or there will be no surprises when we hang the end of year show next week. The work will be exhibited at the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch Show at the NEC, 19th - 22nd March. It is all very exciting. We have 2 stands as there are 2 groups - the stands are L24 and M20. L24 will have the Journeys, other paper based exercises and fabric samples on. M20 will have the more resolved pieces.

On the course there is no pressure for students to end up with a finished piece of work. They can spend their time creating a portfolio and resolving samples. Because the course not accredited this is possible. None of us have to tick boxes, we have more freedom to explore and develop. 
If you are coming to the show - do come and chat to the girls and ask then about their work.
The Thursday/Friday group consist of . . . .



Marilyn and Kate.

Here is some of the work in progress from the weekend course . . .


And the girls are - 

Trisha and Rachael.

Melissa and Alison.

Val . . . .

and Mary.

 Rachael with hat!!

There are always hats and clothing around the studios, IDC offers several millinery and fashion courses . . and there is always one isn't there? Rachael couldn't resist.

We are now enrolling for Experimental Textiles 4 (ExTex 4) at IDC - The Old Needleworks in Redditch. For all the info you need , go to

If you are coming to the show - do come and say Hello!

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